Importance of Cisco Certifications

Planning a successful career in Information Technology, It is highly recommended to acquire an IT certification. There is a variety of different kinds of certifications that one can pick; you just require choosing the one most relevant and significant for the career. There are different certifications offered for professionals, be it programming, networking or technicians.

In the present market, there are many companies who are much famous for hardware equipment but Cisco is amongst the leaders. Cisco certifications improve the understanding of networking not just for Cisco products; rather during the whole certification learning process, contenders will build up a complete understanding of IT networking and how various network topologies interact to form a secure, well-organized, and proficient network. The knowledge gained by Cisco certifications is beneficial in any networking role, and this is one of the main reasons Cisco certifications are in constant demand, even at companies with few Cisco products.

Career Benefits of Cisco Certifications

With the constant development of the network, the demand for professionals who have the skills and training required to manage and maintain networks continue to increase. Cisco certifications are designed to be more compatible with the everyday activities of computer networking professionals. Thus Cisco certified professionals can quickly get the credentials that demonstrate their job-specific expertise to hiring executives. We are listing some of the benefits gained by Cisco certified professional as follows:

• Cisco certified professionals are among the highest paid IT professionals in the world.
• Cisco certifications verify skills in networking, one of the fastest emerging and most versatile IT domains.
• Cisco certification gives a salary increase.
• Getting Cisco certified unlock the door to exciting and well-paid IT careers in the government and armed forces.
• Resumes with Cisco certifications capture the attention of IT recruiters and employers.
• Cisco certified professionals gain access to a global community of like-minded network professionals.

Easy way to Pass Cisco Exam

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700-260 | Which Cisco network security solution helps…

Question: 3

Which Cisco network security solution helps protect against threats by monitoring and responding to any network anomalies, continually analyzing for potential threats and reacting to them in real time?

A. Cisco Security Manager
B. Cisco ASA Firewall Services
C. Cisco ASA Next-Generation Firewall Services
D. Cisco Next-Generation Intrusion Prevention System
E. Cisco Web Security Appliance
F. Cisco Email Security Appliance
G. Cisco Identity Services Engine
H. Cisco Site-to-Site VPN

Answer: D

Cisco Systems FQ4 2017 Earnings Preview: Federal Spending In Focus

Cisco Systems FQ4 gains 2017 are scheduled for Wednesday after closing bell, and analysts expect a non-GAAP profit of 61 cents a share, compared with $ 12.07 billion in sales. With the latest report on the company’s results last May, the administration led by 60 cents to 62 cents per share to non-GAAP earnings from $ 11.88 billion to $ 12.13 billion in sales.

In the fourth quarter last year, Cisco Systems reported non-GAAP earnings of 63 cents per share, revenue of $ 12,640 million.


Benefits Cisco Systems FQ4 2017:

In a letter dated August 14 note, KeyBanc analyst Alex Kurtz, highlighted some key areas of focus for revenues from Cisco Systems FQ4 2017. Sales variation has long been an important area for the company, and are at The search for $ 3.6 billion in switching turnover. The company recently revealed new switching products for Cisco Catalyst Live that believes that will drive a 1.7% increase in revenue for 2018 Switching, although the consensus is close to 0% growth.

It will also analyze gross margins, and estimated at 63.6%, just below the consensus figure of 64%. He noted that Cisco is beginning to change its customer base to purchase software subscriptions with their hardware rather than a single license. He noted that deferred and recurring revenues also affect the company’s performance during this transition.

Vijay Bhagavath, an analyst at Deutsche Bank, said in a note earlier this month that the Cisco company’s demand for the new Catalyst 9000 Campus switch and intention-based software, the 100G Nexus Center data Switching products and next generation security seemed to be stronger than expected. In addition, it has found on their pulse channel two-digit order for Analytics, Automation, Internet objects and network management company cloud computing products.

However, he said the international plan, IT spending remained low in the United States, Germany, the Middle East and emerging markets.

Government spending on Cisco Systems revenue FQ4 2017:

It is expected that government spending on technology again one of the company’s key results will focus. By publishing guidelines for the fourth fiscal quarter, the company said about one percentage point of their turnover drops from 4% to 6% due to uncertainty over federal spending. President Trump said he would cut spending, and even now legislators have not yet finalized the federal budget. This leaves in place the uncertainty that affected Cisco’s third quarter results.

Kurtz drew attention to federal spending as a key area for the revenue of Cisco Systems FQ4 2017. He spoke with value-added resellers and suppliers who rely on federal spending and found that the budget calendar has Changed due to the transition to new presidential administration, which updated the government’s priorities.

On the other hand, Bhagavad said earlier this month that the evolution of US public sector orders and particularly federal IT spending have improved, citing its own Enterprise IT, Cloud search chain Provider and service.

Guidelines for the quarter October:

For the October quarter, the consensus is currently at $ 12.06 billion in sales and non-GAAP earnings of 60 cents per share. Kurtz noted that even though the fourth fiscal quarter has always been great to pass a federal, this factor is likely to have an impact on the October quarter’s delivery outlook.

The day before the Cisco Systems FQ4 2017 profit were scheduled for launch, the company’s shares rose to 0.57% to $ 32.02 during normal trading hours.

820-424 | Which three factors help with technology solution…

Question: 3

Which three factors help with technology solution adoption? (Choose three.)

A. Ongoing availability of and support for the previous technology
B. Increased quality of service for customers
C. Improved processes that generate better productivity levels
D. Strong leadership from a senior manager with authority
E. Education of users as to the need for change
F. High quality end user support during the adoption phase

Answer: D,E,F

600-512 | When a subnet is configured as “private subnet” within…

Question: 2

When a subnet is configured as “private subnet” within a bridge domain, what is the desired behavior for the subnet?

A. Private VLANs are enabled.
B. The subnet is not routed within the private network.
C. The subnet is not routed outside the ACI fabric.
D. The subnet is routed between tenants.

Answer: C

700-301 | Which switch supports the Cisco EnergyWise…

Question: 15

Which switch supports the Cisco EnergyWise technology?

A. Cisco Catalyst 4500-X Series Switches
B. Cisco Catalyst Access Switches
C. Cisco Catalyst 2960 Series Switches
D. Cisco Catalyst 3560 v2 Series

Answer: D