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100-105 Dumps

100-105 Training | The network manager has requested

Question : 14

The network manager has requested a 300-workstation expansion of the network. The workstations are to be installed in a single broadcast domain, but each workstation must have its own collision domain. The expansion is to be as cost-effective as possible while still meeting the requirements. Which three items will adequately fulfill the request? (Choose three).

A. one IP subnet with a mask of
B. two IP subnets with a mask of
C. seven 48-port hubs
D. seven 48-port switches
E. one router interface
F. seven router interfaces

Answer: A,D,E

100-105 Training | You have a router that is not syncing

Question: 13

You have a router that is not syncing with its configured time source. Which of the following is NOT a potential reason for this problem?

A. The reported stratum of the time source is 12
B. The IP address configured for the time source is incorrect
C. NTP authentication is failing
D. There is an access list that blocks port 123

Answer: A

100-105 Training | Which command displays the number

Question: 11

Which command displays the number of times that an individual router translated an inside address to an outside address?

A. show ip protocol 0
B. show ip nat translation
C. show counters
D. show ip route
E. show ip nat statistics

Answer: D

100-105 | Which statements accurately describe…

Question: 7

Which statements accurately describe CDP? (Choose three.)

A. CDP is an IEEE standard protocol.
B. CDP is a Cisco proprietary protocol.
C. CDP is a datalink layer protocol.
D. CDP is a network layer protocol.
E. CDP can discover directly connected neighboring Cisco devices.
F. CDP can discover Cisco devices that are not directly connected.

Answer: B,C,E

100-105 | Two hosts are attached to a switch…

Question: 6

Two hosts are attached to a switch with the default configuration. Which statement about the configuration is true?

A. IP routing must be enabled to allow the two hosts to communicate.
B. The two hosts are in the same broadcast domain.
C. The switch must be configured with a VLAN to allow the two hosts to communicate.
D. Port security prevents the hosts from connecting to the switch.

Answer: B