200-310 | Which two are types of network virtualization…

Question: 6

Which two are types of network virtualization? (Choose two.)

A. VSS: Virtual Switching System
B. VRF: virtual routing and forwarding
C. VCI: virtual channel identifier
D. VLSM: variable length subnet masking
E. VM: virtual machine
F. VMP: Virtual Memory Pool

Answer: A,B

200-310 | Which four services does the architecture…

Question: 5

Which four services does the architecture for Media Services contain? (Choose four.)

A. access services
B. transport services
C. storage services
D. forwarding services
E. session control services
F. security services
G. filtering services
H. remote access services

Answer: A,B,C,E

200-310 | Which two design criteria require…

Question: 4

Which two design criteria require VLANs in a proposed solution? (Choose two.)

A. video streaming on the LAN
B. security between departments
C. the segmenting of collision domains
D. the segmenting of broadcast domains
E. the use of multivendor equipment
F. a limited corporate budget

Answer: B,D

200-310 | Which IPv6 feature enables routing….

Question: 3

Which IPv6 feature enables routing to distribute connection requests to the nearest content server?

A. Link-local
B. Site-local
C. Anycast
D. Multicast
E. Global aggregatable

Answer: C

200-310 | Which two features are supported….

Question: 2

Which two features are supported by single wireless controller deployments? (Choose two.)

A. automatic detection and configuration of LWAPPs
B. LWAPP support across multiple floors and buildings
C. automatic detection and configuration of RF parameters
D. Layer 2 and Layer 3 roaming
E. controller redundancy
F. mobility groups

Answer: A,B

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