300-475 Actual Test | Which two statements describe

Question: 3

Which two statements describe overlay functionality in the Cisco ACI? (Choose two.)

A. Forwarding is not limited to or constrained by the encapsulation type or encapsulation network.
B. Forwarding is limited to and constrained by the encapsulation type of encapsulation network.
C. External identifiers are not local to the leaf or leaf port.
D. External identifiers are local to the leaf or leaf port.

Answer: A,D

300-475 | Which three networking architectures….

Question: 2

Which three networking architectures is the Cisco ACI architecture based on? (Choose three.)

A. leaf-and-spine architecture
B. multicast gateway
C. a controller that is not involved in traffic forwarding
D. software-based mapping database lookup
E. zero-touch provisioning for all loopbacks, Layer 3 links, and routing within the fabric
F. Host-based forwarding in the mapping database that provides IP-to-VLAN tunnel endpoint mapping information to the spine

Answer: A,C,E

300-475 | How does the Cisco ACI….

Question: 1

How does the Cisco ACI fabric decouple host identity from its location in the fabric?

A. VTEP addresses
B. contract
C. end point groups
D. L2VPN EVPN address family

Answer: C

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