400-151 | How do you manually confgure a vNIC MAC…

Question: 3

How do you manually confgure a vNIC MAC address?

A. Use the mac -address-table statc command.
B. Modify the dynamic vNIC connecton policy.
C. Use the set identty dynamic-mac command.
D. Modify the adapter policy.

Answer: D

400-151 | Within an ACI fabric, a routing protocol…

Question: 2

Within an ACI fabric, a routing protocol is needed to assist with route redistribution between the outside networks and the internal fabric. Which routing protocol is needed to run in the fabric at location 1 to allow the VM access to the networks advertised by the external Layer 3 network.


Answer: C

400-151 | Which three guidelines and limitation…

Question: 1

Which three guidelines and limitation of policy-based routing are true? (Choose 3)

A. A match command can refer to more than one ACL in a route map used for policy-based routing
B. The same route map can be shared among different interfaces for policy-based routing as long as the interfaces belong to the same VRF instance
C. Setting a tunnel interface or an IP address via a tunnel interface as a next hop in a policy-based routing policy is not supported
D. An ACL used in a policy-based routing route map cannot include a deny statement
E. A policy-based routing route mao can have multiple match or set statements per route-map statement
F. Policy-based routing and WCCPv2 are not supported on the same interface chaining is disabled

Answer: B,C,D

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