600-503 Dumps | Which three categories

Question: 3

Which three categories are policy capabilities of onePK? (Choose three.)

A. global capabilities
B. local capabilities
C. pipeline capabilities
D. platform capabilities
E. table capabilities

Answer: A,C,E

600-503 | Which two options are challenges to migrate…

Question: 2

Which two options are challenges to migrate a traditional network to an SDN type of network? (Choose two.)

A. would cost to replace traditional network devices to new devices
B. would need more operators to run a more complicated network
C. would need operators with more programming skill
D. would need more bandwidth to secure redundant paths
E. would need to remove existing network management tools

Answer: A,C

600-503 | Which two advantages of an overlay…

Question: 1

Which two advantages of an overlay network that consists of virtual switches on supervisors compare with those of physical networks? (Choose two.)

A. Ability to change the logical network topology more easily.
B. Ability to experience higher performance of traffic forwarding.
C. Overlay networks integrate with virtual machines more closely
D. They can support more routing protocols.
E. They are more secure.

Answer: A,C

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