600-504 | Which option describes what VPLS…

Question: 3

Which option describes what VPLS, GRE, and VXLAN are examples of?

A. network operational models
B. virtualized networks
C. network slicing mechanisms
D. overlay networks
E. neural networks
F. protocol independent networks
G. link-state networks
H. open networks

Answer: D

600-504 | Applications compiled by Java are better…

Question: 2

Applications compiled by Java are better adaptive to different operating systems like Windows and Linux than applications compiled by C compiler. Which option describes why Java applications are more independent from the OS than C applications?

A. Java has a DLL to abstract the difference of OS.
B. Java compiler is smarter than C compiler.
C. Java compiler creates byte code that is run on Java VM, and Java VM is prepared for each OS.
D. This is an urban legend. No difference between Java and C.

Answer: A

600-504 | Which two statements about RFC6020…

Question: 1

Which two statements about RFC6020 are true? (Choose two.)

A. YANG is a data modeling language.
B. YANG is a protocol to configure network devices.
C. YANG is used by OF-CONFIG.
D. YANG is used by BGP-LS.
E. YANG is an object-oriented programming language.

Answer: A,C

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