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600-512 Dumps

600-512 | When you create a vCenter domain…

Question: 5

When you create a vCenter domain, which two options are available to choose a virtual switch? (Choose two.)

A. VMware Standard vSwitch
B. Cisco AVS
C. Open vSwitch
D. VMware Distributed Switch
E. Cisco ASAv

Answer: B, D

600-512 | An ACI fabric is being connected to an existing…

Question: 3

An ACI fabric is being connected to an existing switch network. Which spanning tree protocol must be configured to enable flooding in the native VLAN to ensure a loop-free topology?

C. Rapid PVST
D. legacy STP

Answer: B

600-512 | When a subnet is configured as “private subnet” within…

Question: 2

When a subnet is configured as “private subnet” within a bridge domain, what is the desired behavior for the subnet?

A. Private VLANs are enabled.
B. The subnet is not routed within the private network.
C. The subnet is not routed outside the ACI fabric.
D. The subnet is routed between tenants.

Answer: C

600-512 | Which two options are supported…

Question: 1

Which two options are supported in the ACI API to query the MIT tree? (Choose two.)

A. by distinguished name
B. by class
C. by role
D. specific objects by UUID
E. objects by master replica

Answer: A,B