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648-375 Sample Question : 13

Question : 13

The Cisco SA 500 Series Security Appliances are built specifically for businesses with less than 100 employees. What are three important benefits of this device? (Choose three)

A. business-grade firewall
B. premium support via SmartNet
C. site-to-site VPN for remote offices
D. Cisco IOS software-based
E. email security
F. XML support

Answer: ACE

648-375 Sample Question : 12

Question : 12

Which steps must be taken when preparing Cisco ASDM for use?

A. Connect the PC to the security, set up the security appliance, and use the console to connect to PIX.
B. Set up security appliance, connect to the security appliance, and configure the PC for DHCP.
C. Configure the PC, set up the security appliance, and ensure that the PC and security appliance are on the same subnet.
D. Set up security appliance, connect the PC to the security appliance, and ensure that the PC is on the same subnet as DHCP.

Answer: C

648-375 Sample Question : 11

 Question : 11

What are two advantages of using an intermediate distribution frame? (Choose two)

A.Power over Ethernet capability
B.higher RU density
C.reduced space hard drives
E.reduced cabling

Answer: AE

648-375 Sample Question : 10

Question : 10

What should you do to prevent VLAN hopping?

A. Enable all unused ports and place them into an unused VLAN

B. Set unused access ports to trunking ON

C. Disable some unused ports

D. Disable all unused ports and place them into an unused VLAN

Answer: D

648-375 Sample Question : 9

Question : 9

In the plan phase, network readiness assessment addresses the optimal technologies for supporting its business requirements and objectives?



Answer: B

648-375 Sample Question : 8

Question : 8

Which of these is a benefit of an integrated security management system?

A. It provides configuration, monitoring, and troubleshooting capabilities across a wide range of security products.

B. It leverages existing network management systems such as HP OpenView to lower the cost of implementation.

C. It integrates security management capabilities into the router or switch.

D. It integrates security device management products and collects events on an “as needed basis to reduce management overhead.

E. It provides a single point of contact for all security configuration tasks thereby enhancing the return on investment.

Answer: A

648-375 Sample Question : 7

Question : 7

What should you keep in mind when using a midspan PSE?

A. It can be used to deliver PoE over 100BASE-T connections

B. It can implement power delivery only over the spare wires of the copper cabling

C. It defines terminology to describe a port that acts as a PSE to a powered device

D. It states that power can be delivered by an end-point PSE

Answer: B

648-375 Sample Question : 6

Question : 6

What is the purpose of the Dynamic Configuration Tool?

A. to allow for the mass deployment of devices with minimal configurations

B. to provide an easy way to check for known bugs in IOS releases

C. to determine the correct IOS image to support your modules or blades

D. to test router configurations virtually prior to implementing them in your production network

E. to verify that hardware such as modules are compatible with your chassis

Answer: E

648-375 Sample Question : 5

Question : 5

What should you keep in mind when working with antennas?

A. Antennas can be used as transmit and receive antennas on the same radio
B. All antennas broadcast the horizontal plane
C. Isotropic antennas broadcast equally in all directions
D. An antennas that converts electrical energy into RF waves is called a receive antenna

Answer: C