650-987 Sample Question : 14

Question : 14

Which is a value proposition for the Cisco Unified Computing System servers in a Cisco Data Center Business Advantage architecture that should be presented to a CIO?

A. tested, validated, managed solutions
B. business agility through faster service creation
C. standards-based solutions
D. architectural flexibility

Answer : B

650-987 Sample Question : 13

Question : 13

Which server setup would be the most suitable for a customer who is deploying server and desktop virtualization?

A. servers that are equipped with a very fast processor
B. servers that are equipped with a fast internal bus
C. servers that are equipped with a large amount of memory
D. servers that are equipped with a high-throughput I/O subsystem

Answer: C

650-987 Sample Question : 12

Question : 12

How would you respond to an objection that a Cisco Unified Computing System solution is expensive and may not have a good ROI?

A. Competitive solutions use less physical cabling and thus have less redundancy.
B. Cisco UCS C-Series servers offer a cost-effective solution where customers buy only what they need, reducing upfront costs while offering integration possibilities in the future.
C. Cisco UCS C-Series servers allow easy integration with your existing server implementation by supporting legacy hardware such as RISC processors.
D. Cisco UCS C-Series servers reduce long-term TCO by storing excessive power in onboard batteries.

Answer: B

650-987 Sample Question : 11

Question : 11

What are three service categories that are often found in cloud computing solutions?(Choose three.)

A. Software-as-a-Service
B. Storage-as-a-Service
C. Platform-as-a-Service
D. Infrastructure-as-a-Service
E. Security-as-a-Service
F. IP Communications-as-a-Service

Answer : ACD

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650-987 Sample Question : 10

Question : 10

Which server would be a better fit for a customer who wants to increase both performance and the capacity for demanding virtualization and large data-set workloads?

A. Cisco UCS C250

B. Cisco UCS C200

C. Cisco UCS C210

D. Cisco UCS C460

Answer: D

650-987 Sample Question : 9

Question : 9

Which statements are true about CVD and SBA? (Choose two.)

A. CVDs are end-to-end designs which are well-tested and fully documented.

B. The SBA toolset includes Partner Enablement Assets and EcoPartner Guides

C. SBA guides are available for enterprise deployments only.

D. Gold partners have access to a demo lab for each validated design.

Answer: A,B

650-987 Sample Question : 8

Question : 8

Which characteristic would you describe as a key differentiator for the Cisco C-Series Rack-Mount Servers as compared to the competition?

A. serviceability

B. virtualization

C. scalability

D. availability

Answer: B

650-987 Sample Question : 7

 Question : 7

Which two approaches should you use to profile a prospective customer? (Choose two.)

A. Interview key stakeholders.
B. Offer the customer free technical training.
C. Present a service level agreement.
D. Present briefings to the customer.
E. Pursue a demo workshop.

Answer: A,D

650-987 Sample Question : 6

Question : 6

What is the benefit of a converged network?

A. easily manages a complex data center
B. physically isolates SAN and UN traffic
C. provides an independent security policy for each department
D. consolidates the infrastructure

Answer: D

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