700-703 | Which two options describe functions of the Council…

Question: 7

Which two options describe functions of the Council of Oracles Protocol? (Choose two.)

A. COOP updates the addresses of all hosts that are attached to the ACI fabric.
B. COOP enables APIC mapping, VMM mapping DHCP forwarding ARP/GARP learning and data plane learning.
C. COOP ensures all spine nodes maintain a consistent copy of endpoint addresses.
D. COOP maintains the distributed hash table repository of endpoint identity-to-location mappings.

Answer: A, B

700-303 Sample Question : 11

Question : 11

Which of the following uses Cisco Security Intelligence Operations threat intelligence to protect those users with a vulnerable browser by blocking any connections to websites that may spread an attack or malware?

A.Cisco IronPort Web Security
B.intrusion prevention system

Answer : A

700-303 Sample Question : 10

Question : 10

Which is a software feature available in Cisco IOS Software recommended to be positioned at the network access layer?

A. Flow Metadata
B. Media Services Proxy
D. Mediatrace

Answer : B

700-303 Sample Question : 9

Question : 9

Which two statements about Cloud Intelligent Network are correct? (Choose two)

A. Cloud Intelligent Network integrates the network with the unified data center delivering a powerful user experience
B. Cloud Intelligent Network provides single level service level agreements to customers
C. Cloud Intelligent Network enables users to access their home network from their enterprise network
D. Cloud Intelligent Network allows simplified management of the network through centralized monitoring
E. Cloud Intelligent Network is extremely vulnerable to web-based malware.

Answer : A,D

700-303 Sample Question : 8

Question : 8

Which mobility concept refers to the location where the wireless user has roamed to while mobile?

A. Layer 3 Roam
B. Point of Attachment
C. Layer 2 Roam
D. Point of Presence

Answer: B

700-303 Sample Question : 7

Question : 7

Which item identifies how customers can leverage the Cisco Cloud Intelligent Networks framework’?

A. WAN refresh and WAN optimization as part of DC consolidation
B. Physical and virtual platforms integrated for end-to-end Application and User Experience
C. Simplified operational model across the enterprise and cloud
D. WAN add-on capabilities such as application survivability

Answer: C

700-303 Sample Question : 6

Question : 6

Which two statements are correct about Cisco WAAS? (Choose two)

A. Cisco WAAS accelerates applications and data over the WAN,optimizes bandwidth empowers  cloud services, and provides local hosting of branch IT services
B. Cisco WAAS identifies and classifies over 1,000 applications and sets different QoS priorities based on application
C. Cisco WAAS monitors basic flow statistics, response time latency, jitter, and other performance metrics by application
D. Cisco WAAS integrates into existing network infrastructure providing the most flexible deployment options in the industry
E. Cisco WAAS exports application performance metrics to your network management software using NetFlow version 9 or IP information export

Answer: A,D

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700-303 Sample Question : 5

Question : 5

You want to extend the network boundary to include endpoints in order to scale, optimize, and enhance video performance. Which service should you use?

A. Cisco Motion
B. Application Experience
C. Cisco Medianet
D. Cisco AnyConnect

Answer: C

700-303 Sample Question : 4

Question : 4

Which is a function of the Energy Optimization Service?

A. Establishes benchmarks for the energy efficiency of their IT infrastructure
B. Manufactures energy-efficient equipment
C. Enables energy efficiency though application-specific integrated circuits
D. Increases power utilization on devices

Answer: A

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