700-701 Sample Question : 9

Question : 9

Which customer initiative often leads to an ACI sales opportunity?

A. Storage consolidation
B. Network replacement or upgrade
C. Business process outsourcing
D. Security assessment

Answer : B

700-701 Sample Question : 8

Question : 8

Which two switch port count options are available on the Cisco Nexus 9300 Series Switch? (Choose two.)

A. 96 ports
B. 48 ports
C. 24 ports
D. 72 ports
E. 128 ports

Answer : AB

700-701 Sample Question : 7

Question : 7

What is a Cisco Nexus 9500 Series Switch?

A. An all-in-one SDN solution
B. A modular switch
C. A fixed top-of-rack switch
D. A virtual software switch

Answer : B

700-701 Sample Question : 6

Question : 6

How many I/O module slots are available in the Cisco Nexus 9504 Switch?

A. 4 slots
B. 3 slots
C. 2 slots
D. 1 slot

Answer : A

700-701 Sample Question : 5

Question : 5

Which statement about the Cisco APIC is true?

A. It provides the application health score.
B. It provides a physical connectivity port to a legacy network
C. It stores the storage network profile.
D. It provides a test environment for applications.

Answer : A

700-701 Sample Question : 4

Question : 4

Which customer requirement is addressed by an ACI solution?

A. Storage consolidation
B. Multi-hypervisor environments
C. Database performance improvement
D. Big data analytics

Answer : B

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