810-403 Question Answers | Which connection would be

Question: 3

Which connection would be used to describe ads that a smart phone sends as a person walks around a retail store?

A. machine-to-machine
B. business-to-consumer
C. machine-to-person
D. sensor-to-device

Answer: C

810-403 | When shifting to business outcomes..

Question: 2

When shifting to business outcomes, which two of these relevant considerations and premises must be taken into account? (Choose two.)

A. Customers want to benefit from new, more flexible consumption models.
B. Technology is acquiring more importance.
C. Businesses prefer time-to-market acceleration regardless the costs of their IT solutions.
D. Business transformation dictates that CEOs and their teams become key partners.
E. Customers want solutions that address specific outcomes.

Answer: A,E

810-403 | Which two questions are used during…

Question: 1

Which two questions are used during high level outcome selling? (Choose two.)

A. What are the technical restrictions of business?
B. How is progress vs. outcomes measured?
C. How does talent architecture influence the definition of business outcomes?
D. How are the goals of top executives achieved?
E. What capabilities are needed to achieve the outcomes?

Answer: B,E

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