820-424 | Which three factors help with technology solution…

Question: 3

Which three factors help with technology solution adoption? (Choose three.)

A. Ongoing availability of and support for the previous technology
B. Increased quality of service for customers
C. Improved processes that generate better productivity levels
D. Strong leadership from a senior manager with authority
E. Education of users as to the need for change
F. High quality end user support during the adoption phase

Answer: D,E,F

820-424 | Which statement is true…

Question: 2

Which statement is true?

A. Customer satisfaction improvement represents a financial benefit
B. Financial benefits can include cost reduction in the short term, plus an overall decrease in ongoing expenses
C. Non-financial benefits should be identified by the customer\’s finance representative
D. In order to include expense savings in a business case, you should create a model to calculate the high to low range of savings

Answer: B

820-424 | Which two post-sales activities can be used to identify…

Question: 1

Which two post-sales activities can be used to identify new opportunities and capabilities to support the customer? (Choose two.)

A. as a way to learn about new or changed customer
B. as a forum for promoting Cisco architectures
C. as a mechanism for validating the ROI for technology
D. as a way to advertise current promotions and special offers

Answer: A,C

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