820-427 Exam Dumps | Which two communications or interpersonal

Question: 4

Which two communications or interpersonal skills are critical for an Enterprise IT Business Specialist? (Choose two.)

A. Ability to build relationships
B. Ability to explain design decisions in multiple languages
C. Ability to plan and schedule complex data migration
D. Ability to influence others
E. Ability to interpret financial statements

Answer: A,D

820-427 | Which two are characteristics of using effective…

Question: 3

Which two are characteristics of using effective questions to gather information? (Choose two.)

A. They do not bias or influence the respondent to agree with the interviewer’s opinion.
B. They should be structured for a simple “yes” or “no” response.
C. They provide a scenario, so that the respondent can make assumptions in providing her answer.
D. Each question is independent of other questions that may be asked during an interview.
E. They may be tailored to the audience, or could be a standard set of questions for a group of respondents.

Answer: A,E

820-427 | What two statements are true about Key Performance…

Question: 2

What two statements are true about Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)? (Choose two.)

A. A KPI is a quantifiable metric of the performance of essential operations and/or processes in an organization.
B. A KPI provides the focal point for identifying how much risk a company can take in trying to avoid government fines.
C. A KPI could reflect the performance of Service Providers in achieving their goals and objectives.
D. KPIs are based on judgment, and therefore should be used carefully when defining the value of a technology solution.

Answer: A,C

820-427 | What two statements correctly describe…

Question: 1

What two statements correctly describe vision or mission? (Choose two.)

A. A mission is a statement of the purpose of a company.
B. A vision is what a company wants to become in the mid-term or long-term future.
C. A vision describes actions the organization will take to achieve specific goals.
D. A mission identifies the company’s planned investments to increase revenue.
E. A vision is only used by for-profit companies.
F. A mission is only used by public sector organizations.

Answer: A,B

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