Cisco Focuses On Skills, Security For Internet Of Things


Cisco has 11 companies and educational institutions for a new global consortium on the employment of more people, and said retraining signed up 2 million network engineers today.In the years since its first Cisco Internet Division of the things in the first meeting of the company began to Barcelona,now has 250 public sector customers worldwide with thousands of installations related to the devices. At the launch of the second company conference in Chicago on Tuesday,Cisco vice president of product and marketing company, Inbar Lasser-Raab said there is a change in the vision of the Internet of Things as an early adoption of technology-something that companies are providing wide, and a discussion of the connected equipment to which the results could be derived from the connected equipment.

To deal with the ramp in implementations of IO, said it is necessary for the ecosystem, security and e-privacy protection growing and recycling workforce.Cisco Vice President and General Manager of Services,Jeanne Beliveau-Dunn journalists in Chicago,said Tuesday it is fundamentally necessary to reform the education system in the network equipped with the skills to work in a world of connected retraining 2.4 million devices.

The business world is looking for people who can take all that information from these things and do something new with her,she said.The biggest change is the need for cyber-security analysts Beliveau-Dunn,said is If all of these things very well said in an open unsecured IP network.The Cyber Security Analyst will be one of the biggest roles for growth. We need a million new people in this area alone.

The role of the CIO are also changing over the Internet from what he has said. In the past, the CIO was responsible for the construction of all, now that we are talking about being the orchestration of business results, he said.The construction of some things safely.but more importantly,that the multitude of solutions and accumulated to produce better results.To do this,Cisco announced that it formed an industry consortium of talent companies, recruiters and educational institutions in order to develop the necessary skills formed.


The consortium of the Academy of Sciences New York, MIT, Stanford and science include; CareerBuilder for adjustment; Rockwell Automation, Davra Networks GE,and Cisco for the employer; and Xerox, Udacity, Pearson, and knod for change agents.GE announced plans to work with Cisco for the Internet of things this month. This is a massive effort to change people there as well as the connection of new people on the basis of talent, where we need them, Beliveau-Dunn said. There are many people around the world the problem is that people who are not in this program have the right skills.

The main functions of the consortium would be the ability of the scientific data, cyber analysts, mobile application developers, programmers and network search, he said, adding that companies should ensure that re-training their own forces Cisco .One working partner in the company Rockwell Automation VP Market Development John Nesi, manufacturing and industry is often slow to update, but require these industries to obtain the skills in place now, more computers connected to the lines of production to treat.

Now all the time to do with things like security questions they have, he said. Some of these features are not only going to be hired by Rockwell Rockwell, but customers.Beliveau-Dunn said the consortium would have a global approach to education through its partners. All registered players serve a worldwide audience. We have a number of options that have worked with in recent years.What we hope to do is to use ecosystem of global partners to accelerate, he said.

What we do in this new consortium,to jointly educators have to bring from all over the world hundreds of thousands of organizations.Now,what we need to do is to expand that as well. We hope to establish a standard for training in this area focus,so that education easily accessible and eliminating barriers.Cisco today also declare a new reference model of seven layers for the industry to develop the various layers of the Internet of things, similar to the OSI model to explain the various elements of the Internet of things. The model was developed by the Internet of Things Steering Committee of the Global Forum, which includes 104 members,such as GE,SAP,Oracle and Itron.


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