Cisco Systems to lay off about 14,000 employees

Cisco Systems Inc. is laying off about 14,000 employees, representing nearly 20 percent of the global manufacturer of the workforce of the network equipment, the technology news site CRN, citing sources close to the business.

It is expected that the California company Cisco San Jose, to announce cuts in the coming weeks, according to the report, the transition of society from its material roots in an organization focused on software.

Besides Cisco, other technology giants have announced job cuts in the face of falling PC industry in recent years, are Microsoft Corp., HP and Intel Corp. Inc

Cisco logo

Microsoft Corp. launched one of the largest layoffs in history Tech in July 2014, after it said it will cut 18,000 jobs.

HP Inc. said in September 2015, which is expected to cut about 33,300 jobs over three years.

Intel said in April that it would cut up to 12,000 jobs worldwide, 11 percent of its workforce.

Cisco, which had more than 70,000 employees at April 30, declined to comment.

Cisco requires increasingly “different skill sets” for “future software-defined” what he did in the past, as it pushes to capture a greater share of the target market and aims to increase their margins, CRN report said citing a source familiar with the situation.

Cisco has invested in new products such as cloud-based software tools for data centers and data analysis to offset the impact of slower spending by enterprises and telecommunications carriers in its heart craft to network routers and switches.

The company has already offered many plans to package a Cisco employees early retirement, according to CRN.

Up from Tuesday’s close of $ 31.12 on the Nasdaq, shares of the company rose 15 percent this year, compared with an increase of 10.5 percent in the index of computer hardware and Dow Jones EE. UU. Technology.

Israel and Cisco sign strategic digital agreement

Under the agreement signed by the President of Cisco, John Chambers and Benjamin Netanyahu, East Negev will become the first digital region of Israel.


John Chambers, president yesterday signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for strategic cooperation, which aims to speed up the digitization of Israel over the next three years. The agreement was signed in the presence of the minister of social equality Gila Gamliel and Cisco general manager Israel Oren Sagi. The cooperation will focus on the application of technology and digital tools in the cloud by the public sector, the system of education, health and development of smart cities.

In the first stage of the new partnership, Cisco said in a joint project with the Ministry of social equality and the Eshkol region of the Negev, the Negev East will become the first fully digitized region of Israel. Under the project, Cisco will create a digital center, which will provide services to improve the quality of life of the inhabitants of the region and bring new jobs to promote the initiative.

Chambers said: “All countries, cities, companies, houses and cars will become digital in the next decade. The impact on GDP growth, which includes all citizens smart and secure communities, health and innovation will be dramatic. It is a great honor to be partners in this country, its citizens and Israeli government leaders to this change. ”

Sagi said, “Cisco sees Israel as a market of great importance and one of the world leaders in innovation and entrepreneurship and are therefore one of the most important centers in the world. The Cisco intelligent project of this Negev, which will make the area of Israel first digital region expresses the best possible way, the change that was adopted for this age. ”

To date, Cisco has invested $ 7 billion in direct and indirect investments in Israel. Cisco acquired 11 Israeli companies and has invested in over 30 companies and four new funds from Israeli venture capital.

Cisco partnership opens doors for EOH Technology Services

Rob Godlonton, CEO of the division ICT EOH, deals with “all that is related, including networks and unified communications.” In conversation at EOH has Gold Partner with Cisco, he said that collaboration is the result of a key business philosophies EOH: associations for life. (The other four are “better people”, “lead and grow”, “Sustainable transformation” and “right first time”.)


“We are never in associations for the short term. We do not sell technology, then disappear, and ultimately, we want to be number one in the field experience of our technology partners. Our partnership with Cisco is customer oriented, while public and private sectors. We have invested to become the status of Cisco Gold partners it two years ago. ”

Godlonton said the association “has opened doors for EOH,” and since then the company has landed Johannesburg City Power and many other key customers.

“Cisco has excellent technology and invests heavily in technology. Our customers have made and continue to make investments in Cisco products. This means that we can be the leader in providing solutions from end to end for our clients, means continue investing in Cisco as one of the core technologies, “says Godlonton.

In the process, EOH has become very aware of how difficult it can be to keep highly qualified staff. “One of the challenges with Cisco certification is that it gives people the opportunity to go abroad, but then we have a big focus on our job creation program, the development of skills and unite the people through the ranks.

Cisco is also involved in the program – the certification and training programs have very defined. This allows us to take people through a structured program and makes it much easier courses and training “.

Godlonton said the partnership has accelerated the EOH company by opening opportunities in the business field. “Another area we are looking at is how to run SAP solutions on a Cisco platform on the back of the partnership between Cisco and Microsoft, in blue space, bringing international to a local platform cloud , “he said.

“There are not many Cisco Gold partner in SA, so it is essential for us to do the work of the Cisco combination for us. We have over 70 people in our company Cisco. Some of our EOH cloud services are built using Cisco technology, and there is a possibility for the Cisco sales staff in partnership with EOH EOH and sell products supplied by Cisco cloud “.

Cathy Smith, MD: Southern Africa for Cisco, said: “Cisco has long understood that for the Internet of Things (IOT) is a success, innovation, technology and propose solutions to the challenges of our customers require efforts a range of players working together to achieve real change. therefore, in addition to our people, our partners have always been a strategic and competitive advantage of Cisco.

“If we use our partnership with EOH for example, leverage our strengths to deliver value-added prepositions. EOH many different IT portfolios that are not in industries such as oil and gas, mining and manufacturing. In total solutions IOT, these portfolios, as well as Cisco solutions offer effective solutions to digital customers.

“To IOT to be effective, people, systems, technology, and the players must collaborate, adapt and evolve constantly. The combination of Cisco and EOH is a good example in this regard. As a fundamental part of the ecosystem, our association finally, it allows us to win together. “

According Inks Cloud of Cisco Sales With Pivotal

The Cisco Systems logo is seen as part of a display at the Microsoft Ignite technology conference in Chicago, Illinois, May 4, 2015. REUTERS/Jim Young

The Cisco Systems logo is seen as part of a display at the Microsoft Ignite technology conference in Chicago, Illinois, May 4, 2015. REUTERS/Jim Young

Cisco Systems Inc (CSCO.ON) concluded an agreement with Pivotal Software Inc. to provide products to each other in the field of cloud, a sign of the giant network company seeks to work with others in their attempt to build its presence in one of the fastest -growing areas of computing.

The agreement, which was later announced Tuesday, means that the two companies will jointly distribute Pivotal Cloud Foundry, which helps developers build and run the software in the cloud, and Cisco Metapod, a service that helps companies make their the data centers with more cloud-friendly.

Pivot service enables enterprises to deploy a free, but difficult to use open source technologies also called Cloud Foundry, as the free operating system known as Linux usually requires the services of a consultant to Red Hat Inc. RHN.N

Pivotal Cloud Foundry competes with services like (IBM.N) and IBM bluemix (HPE.N) HP Enterprise Helion, while competing with Mirantis Metapod.

The so-called cloud has become a generic term for the rapid delivery of data over the Internet, often by sharing IT resources with other companies.

While growing the core business of switches and routers from Cisco, slowed in part because customers are turning to technology that is based more on software than hardware, businesses sought in new areas such as cloud, often through acquisitions.

It is not known if Cisco will be able to expand its new cloud-based offering at a fairly high rate to compensate for the weaknesses of their craft heart.

In 2014, Cisco has sold most of its interest in a partnership to provide the material of the cloud with EMC Corp (EMC.N) and virtualization of the majority by the company EMC VMware Inc VMN.N. EMC is the majority owner of Pivotal, which left the storage giant in 2013.

Prior to the recent turbulence in global stock markets, Pivotal was considered a strong candidate to hold an initial public offering this year.

Indian Companies USe Strong Defence Tools Against Cyber Threat: Cisco


Indigenous organizations use cyber tools high compared with other countries, but the use of these tools can put them in danger, firm Cisco networking IT, he said in a study.

“. Indigenous organizations use stronger defenses threats organizations in other countries Sixty-two percent of indigenous organizations use the Web security, only 57% of non-indigenous organizations do,” Cisco said in its White Paper on ” Security in India: Enabling Connected a new era. ”

He said that besides the 65% of organizations in India use mobile security, compared with 49% of organizations outside India.

“The increased use of large fangs threat by indigenous organizations can point to a use of tools in place strategies to strengthen protection … However, our experts warn that the only tools can not offer complete protection,” he said the newspaper.

According to the report of the security software company Kaspersky India is increasingly on the radar of cyber criminals in countries such as China, Russia and the United States, using the attacks of advanced persistent threats (APT) to steal data consumers and businesses.

According to government data, in terms of 54.483 cyber security incidents such as phishing, spam and malicious code in November 2015 were reported.
The study also found that indigenous organizations have adopted cloud-based tools that organizations of other countries.

“For example, 60% of indigenous organizations use the cloud web security, only 34% of organizations do outside India. In addition, 51% of mobile security organizations in India are using based on the web, twice the rate of non-indigenous organizations, “the newspaper said.

Cisco Security Researchers Disable Big Distributor of ‘Ransomware’


Cisco Systems Inc said,had managed to stop the spread of one of the most harmful systems to decode users with malicious software, such as ransomware known paying the researcher requires user data drive safety infect Cisco Talos searches Angler Exploit Kit,say the analysts, several enterprises have the most effective multiple kits to the control of personal computers detect infect up to 40 percent of those he leads last year.

They found that about half of the people connected to the fisherman computers to servers in a hosting provider in Dallas,who had been hired by criminals using stolen credit cards infected.The provider , Limestone Networks,pulled the plug on servers and data supplied helped show how anglers worked.The research efforts supported by the carrier Level 3 Communications,allowed authentication protocols to use to copy criminals to anglers interact Cisco with his prey.Knowing to enable these protocols security companies that cut infected computers.

It is very harmful to the network attacker Talos said manager Craig Williams told Reuters before the release of report.Cisco said from Limestone pulled the plug on servers,new infections had fallen dramatically fishermen.Customers Relations Manager limestone told Reuters his company had inadvertently contributed to the spread of fisherman before Cisco study.

Often sold secrets in Internet forums or in one-on-one deals,exploit kits combine many small programs that exploit bugs in web browsers and other common parts of the software.Buyers of these teams should also organize a way to achieve their goals,usually by sending fake emails, websites piracy or the distribution of malicious ads.

Once in control of a target computer won, buyers can install exploit kit, what they want, including Ransom call.These include a number of brand programs , be sold , to encrypt online user’s computer files and to require release the payment them.Talos estimated that,if the three percent of infected users paid the ransom averaging $300 offenders that limestone server was used to anglers would spread can do over $30 million per year.

Cisco Joins Flurry of US-China Tech Partnerships


Cisco Systems said on Thursday it would be a joint venture with the form of networks and cloud computing products manufacturer Chinese Inspur server in China, where the company’s Silicon Valley political pressure and declining sales for sale faces.Cisco and Inspur said they would invest $100 million in the project, although further details were offered.

The association is one of a growing number of tie-ups between Chinese enterprises and US technology on or before Chinese President Xi Jinping,he announced the visit to the United States this week .Microsoft said Thursday that it has partnered with Baidu Inc and the investment firm of private state-owned China Tsinghua Unigroup in cloud technology,while Dell announced last week that it will invest $125 billion over five years in China.

Committed earlier this year,IBM for the development of China’s advanced chip industry with a strategy of “Made in China”,while chipmaker Intel and Qualcomm to develop chips with smaller Chinese companies.As in its relations with foreign auto industry in recent decades, the Chinese authorities have made it clear to foreign technology companies that market access depends on technology exchanges and cooperation with Chinese industry.

Like many of his colleagues,the market share of Cisco in recent quarters in China,where its products are a cybersecurity threat of state media and pro-government experts said withdrawal.US business lobbyists have said that Chinese accusations amount to protectionism,while China has faced in the experience of rivals based in Shenzhen Cisco Huawei Technologies that similar allegations of Capitol Hill,when it comes to entering the United States noted.

Cisco Sues HP Over VoIP Contract


Cisco HP searches in a dispute over a $58 million contract to provide services to an HP customer VoIP. Contract dates back to 2012, according to this position in the recorder.Cisco is committed to providing support for HP VoIP service purchased by an unidentified customer HP. The customer cancelled his service, HP and, in turn has cancelled Cisco in 2013, according to the recorder.

HP cancellation right for loans applied to early termination pay. After the credits have been applied, given Cisco HP still owed $58 million.HP said the company is entitled to a full credit, and should have nothing to pay. Cisco says HP is seeking funds representing more than what HP has.

Cisco declares a spokesman in an email :

The August 24, 2015, Cisco filed a lawsuit in the Superior Court of Santa Clara seeking to recover amounts owed after the early termination of a service contract between the two companies HP. The service contract in question was financed by Cisco Capital and the dispute relates to the calculation of a monetary credit to be applied to the loan balance due by HP under the financing agreement. As this matter is before the courts, we will not provide any additional comments.An HP spokeswoman says the company has a policy of not commenting on pending litigation.

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Cisco Systems, Inc. Appoints Biri Singh As CTO To Replace Padmasree Warrior


Cisco Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: CSCO) began the day with the new CEO Chuck Robbins at the top of prompt two more people to your management team and expressed his view on the importance of the network within a landscape large digital part.After long-term CEO John Chambers met in May to its immediate direction team named 10 new executives,while three senior executives, including Lloyd Padmasree Krieger and Rob were successor.

According to a report of the Week today announced Mr.Robbins,the appointment of Biri Singh as senior vice president and chief technology solutions while Kevin Bandy recruited as Senior Vice President and Chief Digital for networking giant.Previously,Mr.Singh served as a partner of Khosla Ventures,after some time at Nortel Networks,Hewlett-Packard and IBM.He was the general manager of HP Cloud Drive and held a variety of start-ups, including delivery of software applications and services Pivi JRG.

Mr.Bandy,moreover,comes from,where he served as senior vice president of business transformation.Before that,he was also involved with Accenture,IBM and worked as a consultant in Rhea Springs.Singh role as CTO, directly from the words of the new CEO is to assist the development of long-term technological company, platforms and architectures policies, established the foundation for long-term investments.Mr.Bandy are working to make the strategy of digitalization of Cisco to provide countries with Internet technology seamless Cisco.

In a blog post explains CEO Chuck Robbins new challenges of society in the digital face transition that every country,city and business is going through,and we intend to be the strategic partner for our clients in all stages of this transition. The current setting spree is to find the position of Mr.Robbins a reorganization of management and a team, you can really call your own for,will benefit.Mr.Robbins said that insight and analysis of the digital world is a strategic asset for Cisco,as it may be relevant in all aspects of the client organization.

Consequently,the ability to add high-speed, automated ,secure function analysis and data factors that will determine the success of the company.He added that only Cisco can provide distribution,high security infrastructure and solutions needed in today’s highly dynamic virtual universe.The majority of the company’s new leaders come from within the company via internal promotions, while others arrive from external recruitment drives. Cisco shares are down 0.05% to $28 in mid-day trading today.

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