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300-160  Test Questions:

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Question :1

You must design a Cisco UCS Manager Service profile for a customer. They require that the Cisco UCS blades utilize Cisco Discovery Protocol. Which policy must you add to the service profile template to meet this requirement?
A.link protocol policies
B.flow control policies
C.LAN connectivity policies
D.network control policies

Answer: D

Question :2

You deploy new server infrastructure by using a Cisco UCS platform.Which two design options can you use to increase the redundancy of the new compute solution?(Shoose two)
A.static pinning at the server ports
B.a 10-Gb uplink port
C.a pin vNIC in the server profile to a specific Fabric Interconnect node that has failover disabled
D.adding multiple ports to uplink port channels
E.more than one server port to connect the Cisco UCS B-Series blade IOM

Answer: D,E

Question :3

You have four data centers that are interconnected by using Layer 3 technology You must set up Layer 2  interconnect to provide high availability. Which technology should you use?

Answer: C


Which statement regarding network management for the data center is true?
A.Flexible NetFtow can be used to provide enhanced network anomaly and security detection.
B.NetHow Data Export is best positioned on the Nexus 5500 at the access or aggregation layers.
C.The Network Analysis Module is best deployed in the core for highest visibility
D.NetFlow support is available on most IOS and Nexus products, excluding the Nexus1000v.

Answer: C


Which two terms relate to the capability of a physical NIC to present virtual NICs to the operating system or hypervisor? (Choose two)
C.NIC teaming

Answer: D,E


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