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An administrator has installed Cisco UCS Director and created a few VMs for the sales department in the enterprise vCenter. Which statement is true regarding sales VMs and Cisco UCS Director?

A. All VMs created in vCenter prior to Cisco UCS Director installation will not be registered with Cisco UCS Director because they are not prepared using the Cisco UCS Director user interface.
B. All VMs created in vCenter prior to Cisco UCS Director installation will be recognized in Cisco UCS Director and will remain in errored state.
C. Cisco UCS Director will automatically discover these VMs and add them to the default VDC.
D. Administrator is required to create sales VDC on Cisco UCS Director and add these VMs under sales VDC to make them operational.

Answer: C


An administrator is editing a Cisco UCS Director catalog item under the user credentials pane. Which three fields are available? (Choose three.)

A. User ID
B. Password
C. Full Name
D. Credential Options
E. Description
F. Cloud Name

Answer: A, B, D


A Cisco UCS Director static IP pool policy requires which mandatory attribute?

B. gateway IP address
C. static IP pool ranges

Answer: C


You have been tasked with managing the lifecycles of VMs. Which three statements are true regarding VM lease times and end-user restrictions?(Choose three)

A. After the lease time has expired, the VM owner will be notified by email about the impeding delete.
B. VMs can only be powered off or on by the administrator.
C. End users can take snapshots of their VMs.
D. After the lease time has expired, the administrator will be notified of the delete process.
E. Custom lease time policies in Cisco UCS Director will show up in the Cisco Prime Service Catalog GUI.
F. Provisioned VMs can be rolled back by end users.

Answer: A,C,F


When instantiating the Cisco Intercloud Fabric Router, what is the minimum number and type of interfaces required?

A. one management interface and four subinterfaces
B. two management interface and two subinterfaces
C. two management interface and four subinterfaces
D. one management interface and two subinterfaces

Answer: D


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