400-101 Question 16

Which two options are mandatory components of a multiprotocol BGP VPN-IPv4 address? (Choose two.)

A. a route distinguisher
B. an IPv4 address
C. a route target
D. an MPLS label
E. a system ID
F. an area ID

Answer: A,B


The IP prefix is a member of the IPv4 address family. After the PE device learns the IP prefix, the PE converts it into a VPN-IPv4 prefix by combining it with an 8- byte route distinguisher (RD). The generated prefix is a member of the VPN-IPv4 address family. It uniquely identifies the customer address, even if the customer site is using globally nonunique (unregistered private) IP addresses. The route distinguisher used to generate the VPN-IPv4 prefix is specified by a configuration command associated with the virtual routing and forwarding (VRF) instance on the PE device.


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