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How many CMS2000 servers can be clustered together?
A. 1
B. 5
C. 2
D. 3

Answer: D


Which description of Non-Reference Designs is true?
A. Contact Center solutions that do not include preconfigured items
B. Contact Center solutions that include items not covered by the Contact Center Enterprise Reference Designs
C. Contact Center solutions only include preconfigured items
D. Contact Center solutions that only include items covered by the Contact Enterprise Reference Designs

Answer: B


Which action must be taken if Cisco VCS is installed?
A. Configure the VM host with a valid NTP server.
B. Configure the VM host with a valid IRC server.
C. Configure the VM host with a valid proxy server.
D. Configure the VM host with a valid FTP server.

Answer: A


Which appliance comes with Cisco UC Visualization Hypervisor Plus software?
A. BE6000
B. BE7000
C. ord-party Specs-based server
D. BE4000

Answer: A


Which software is an eDelivery, field-uploaded license?
A. VMware vSphere ESXi
B. Cisco UC Virtualization Hypervisor Plus
C. Cisco Telepresence Virtualization
D. Cisco UC Virtualization Foundation

Answer: D

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