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700-020 Free Exam Questions:


According to Gartner, how much technology spending will by outside of IT by the year 2020?

A. 50%
B. 75%
C. 85%
D. 90%

Answer: D


Which WebEx Center has polling and break out rooms?

A. Support Center
B. Meeting Center
C. Event Center
D. Training Center

Answer: D


Which premise-based conferencing solution is designed for highly scalable meetings, with servers designed for highly scalable meetings, with servers that can be deployed across an enterprise without financial penalty?

A. Telepresence Server
B. Spark
C. WebEx
D. Cisco Meeting Server

Answer: D


Which conferencing solution is designed for messaging, meeting, calling and persistent content sharing?

B. Cisco Meeting Server
C. Telepresence Server
D. Spark

Answer: B


What is a common human resources line of business need?

A. Surpassing the increased service expectations from consumers.
B. Decreasing low office utilization.
C. Improving online experiences.
D. Increasing employee retention.

Answer: A


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