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Question: 1

Which three collaboration mechanisms increase customer satisfaction? (Choose three)
A. Flexible enhanced customer service processes
B. Attractive TV advertisements
C. Variety of customer communication channels
D. Effective mail and email communication
E. Frequent phone communication
F. Ability to access customer data from any device, anywhere

Answer: A, C, F

Question: 2

Which three Cisco Unified Communications and Collaboration applications are part of a basic Cisco  Business Edition bundle? (Choose three)
A. Cisco Unity Connection
B. Cisco Prime Collaboration Provisioning
C. Manager Business Edition
D. Cisco Unified Attendant Console
E. Cisco Unified Communications Manager
F. Cisco Unified Contact Center Express

Answer: A, B, D

Question: 3

In which layer of Cisco Unified Communications system architecture does Cisco Jabber reside?
A. Operations and serviceability
B. Applications and services
C. Networking
D. Call control
E. Call routing

Answer: B

Question: 4

Which four are advantages of a Cisco end-to-end architectural approach? (Choose four)
A. enhanced security
B. multiple protocols
C. any end-user device
D. multi-vendor
E. consistent experience
F. limited availability
G. unified policies

Answer: A, C, E, G

Question: 5
Cisco Business Edition 6000 supports five co-resident applications on the same Cisco UCS C220 M3 server. What is the maximum total vCPU and vRAM capacity that should be considered when deciding which co-resident applications will run on the same server?
A. 12vCPU, 12 GB VRAM
B. 8vCPU, 16GBvRAM
C. 16vCPU, 8 GB VRAM
D. 16vCPU, 16 GB VRAM

Answer: B


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