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What is the primary role of an application-centricinfrastructure?

A. Data-center-specific configuration of infrastructure.
B. Groups network endpointsinto logical categories.
C. Establishesmultiple forwarding pathsin the ACI fabric.
D. Forwardspackets in the ACI fabric.
E. Defines the data center network topology requirements.

Answer: A


Which twooptionsdescribefunctionsof the Councilof OraclesProtocol?(Choose two.)

A. COOP updatesthe addressesof all hoststhat are attachedto the ACI fabric.
B. COOP enables APIC mapping, VMM mapping DHCP forwardingARP/GARPlearning and data plane learning.
C. COOP ensures all spine nodes maintain a consistent copy of endpoint addresses.
D. COOP maintains the distributed hashtable repository of endpoint identity-to-location mappings.

Answer: C, D


To which four layers of the OSI model would the ACI conceptsof contracts,graphs,and ANPsbe associated?(Choosefour.)

A. Data link
B. Transport
C. Presentation
D. Application
E. Session
F. Network
G. Physical

Answer: B, C, D, E


Which two options describe information that is includedin the VXLANVNIDtoidentify forwarding information between the ingress nodes?(Choose two)

A. APIC that set the VXLAN VNID.
B. Egress node that set the VXLAN VNID.
C. VRF context to which the packet belongs.
D. EPG from which the frame is sourcedand the bridge domain to which this packet is forwarded.
E. List of spine and leaf nodesthrough which the packet flow.

Answer: C, D


Which REST operationsare supportedin the ACIfabric?

A. Post,Get,Delete
B. Filter, Post,Get
C. Label,Filter,Post
D. Get, Label, filter

Answer: A


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