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700-760 Exam Topics:

Question: 1

Which component of AMP provides the details customers need to address problems after a breach is identified?
A. Rapid remediation
B. Filesandboxmg
C. Continuous analysis
D. Context awareness

Answer: C

Question: 2

Which statement embodies trust-centric security?
A. Verify before granting access via MDM software
B. Prevent attacks via an intelligence-based policy, then detect, investigate, and remediate
C. Protect users from attacks by enabling strict security policies.
D. Verify before granting access via identity-based policies for users, devices, apps. and locations

Answer: D

Question: 3

Which two benefits of flexible purchasing does Cisco provide? (Choose two.)
A. Simplify the datacenter
B. Meet immediate needs
C. Roll out more solutions
D. Plan for the future
E. Reduce training needs

Answer: A,C

Question: 4

What are two ways Cisco addresses customers' growing business needs? (Choose two.)
A. Multi/hybrid cloud platforms
B. Highly-scalable DC platforms
C. Bulletproof NGFW appliances
D. Consolidated tracking and reporting
E. Multiple solution deployment choices

Answer: A,D

Question: 5

Which two security areas are part of Cisco's web solutions? (Choose two.)
A. URL Filtering
B. Web Security
C. Email Security
D. Identity & Access Control
E. Malware Protection

Answer: B,E


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