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Question: 1

Which four people are important decision-makers in the manufacturing environment? (Choose four.)
A. Director of Marketing
B. Automation Controls Director
C. Plant Engineering Manager
D. Plant IT Director
E. Safety Director
F. Executive Director
G. Facilities Manager

Answer: B,C,D,G

Question: 2

In which two ways can you start conversations with Plant Engineering Managers? (Choose two.)
A. Talk about real-time mobile diagnostics.
B. Talk about the percent of energy coverage.
C. Talk about extending wireless to production use cases.
D. Talk about thwarting attacks and security breaches.

Answer: A,C

Question: 3

In which three ways does the Cisco Internet of Things help customers to be more safe? (Choose three.)
A. increased production efficiency
B. threat detection and mitigation
C. greater productivity
D. device configuration assurance
E. user and device identity

Answer: B,D,E

Question: 4

In which manufacturing business domains are Connected Factory solutions implemented?
A. cell/area zone, factory zone, machine zone
B. cell/area zone, plant, demilitarized zone, enterprise zone
C. plant, jump zone, demilitarized zone
D. plant, jump zone, demilitarized zone, danger zone

Answer: B

Question: 5

Which three options are reasons why partners prefer working with Cisco? (Choose three.)
A. the large size of the Cisco organization
B. R and D and innovation for future-proof technology
C. unique capabilities with global reach and holistic solutions
D. partner integration for the best of IT and OT
E. Cisco partners receive little to no support

Answer: B,C,D


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