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Question: 1

Six key decision-makers for Cisco Connected Safety and Security solutions are line-of-business heads, operations managers, chief information security officers, heads of safety and security, and which other two decision-makers? (Choose two.)
A. chief financial officers
B. chief executive officers
C. IT directors
D. city managers

Answer: C, D

Question: 2

Cisco Connected Safety and Security delivers open standards for public safety technology. What does this provide?
A. slower response times
B. easily adaptable networks
C. incompatibility
D. increased costs

Answer: B

Question: 3

Mining companies can see which three benefits with Cisco Connected Safety and Security? (Choose three.)
A. increased asset utilization with effective incident response
B. increased efficiency with remote expertise across sites
C. increased production downtime due to proactive equipment monitoring
D. enhanced safety and productivity with highly available workforce communications
E. reduced congestion and air pollution

Answer: A, B, D

Question: 4

Which two options represent integrated IoE safety and security solutions? (Choose two.)
A. Cisco IPICS
B. Cisco Video Surveillance Manager
C. Cisco Collaborative Operations
D. Cisco Connected Justice

Answer: C,D

Question: 5

What are three ways that Cisco Connected Safety and Security solutions help customers save money? (Choose three.)
A. virtualized, scalable architecture
B. lawsuit mitigation
C. operational efficiencies
D. replace legacy systems
E. reduced cost of raw materials

Answer: A, B, C

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