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Which type of analytics has telemetry that shows the customer’s use of the software and defines what has happened to date?

Answer: B


You notice a decline over time in your customer’s usage of your product. Which action do you consider?
A.Tell the customer a new solution will soon be available
B.Carefully tell the customer to get more people to use your product
C.Re-assess the customer’s business process and outline the capability of the solution
D.Show the customer a comparison of the solution versus the competition

Answer: C


Which definition of a use case is true?
A.comparison of the marketing description of what a product does to the customer’s experience
B.list of actions or event steps that a customer uses
C.list of actions or event steps that typically defines the interactions between a role and a system to achieve a goal
D.list of instructions that customer uses for their software

Answer: C


Which two outcomes are the goals of the initial customer meeting to onboard the customer into customer success? (Choose two.)
A.completion of customer training
B.confirmation of customer business outcomes
C.review of product roadmap
D.scheduling of Quarterly Success Review
E.agreement of key stakeholders

Answer: B,D


The customer wants to increase their market share and protect brands reputation. Which two business outcomes are critical to the company’s success? (Choose two.)
A.risk management
C.business growth
D.cost efficiency

Answer: C,E

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