Rob Godlonton, CEO of the division ICT EOH, deals with “all that is related, including networks and unified communications.” In conversation at EOH has Gold Partner with Cisco, he said that collaboration is the result of a key business philosophies EOH: associations for life. (The other four are “better people”, “lead and grow”, “Sustainable transformation” and “right first time”.)

“We are never in associations for the short term. We do not sell technology, then disappear, and ultimately, we want to be number one in the field experience of our technology partners. Our partnership with Cisco is customer oriented, while public and private sectors. We have invested to become the status of Cisco Gold partners it two years ago. ”

Godlonton said the association “has opened doors for EOH,” and since then the company has landed Johannesburg City Power and many other key customers.

“Cisco has excellent technology and invests heavily in technology. Our customers have made and continue to make investments in Cisco products. This means that we can be the leader in providing solutions from end to end for our clients, means continue investing in Cisco as one of the core technologies, “says Godlonton.

In the process, EOH has become very aware of how difficult it can be to keep highly qualified staff. “One of the challenges with Cisco certification is that it gives people the opportunity to go abroad, but then we have a big focus on our job creation program, the development of skills and unite the people through the ranks.

Cisco is also involved in the program – the certification and training programs have very defined. This allows us to take people through a structured program and makes it much easier courses and training “.

Godlonton said the partnership has accelerated the EOH company by opening opportunities in the business field. “Another area we are looking at is how to run SAP solutions on a Cisco platform on the back of the partnership between Cisco and Microsoft, in blue space, bringing international to a local platform cloud , “he said.

“There are not many Cisco Gold partner in SA, so it is essential for us to do the work of the Cisco combination for us. We have over 70 people in our company Cisco. Some of our EOH cloud services are built using Cisco technology, and there is a possibility for the Cisco sales staff in partnership with EOH EOH and sell products supplied by Cisco cloud “.

Cathy Smith, MD: Southern Africa for Cisco, said: “Cisco has long understood that for the Internet of Things (IOT) is a success, innovation, technology and propose solutions to the challenges of our customers require efforts a range of players working together to achieve real change. therefore, in addition to our people, our partners have always been a strategic and competitive advantage of Cisco.

“If we use our partnership with EOH for example, leverage our strengths to deliver value-added prepositions. EOH many different IT portfolios that are not in industries such as oil and gas, mining and manufacturing. In total solutions IOT, these portfolios, as well as Cisco solutions offer effective solutions to digital customers.

“To IOT to be effective, people, systems, technology, and the players must collaborate, adapt and evolve constantly. The combination of Cisco and EOH is a good example in this regard. As a fundamental part of the ecosystem, our association finally, it allows us to win together. “

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