Cisco DevNet Associate 200-901 Exam Questions

Question # 1:

On which network plane is routing protocol traffic handled?

A. data plane

B. management plane

C. authentication plane

D. control plane

Answer: D

Question #2:

An application calls a REST API and expects a result set of more than 550 records, but
each time the call is made, only 25 are returned. Which feature limits the amount of data
that is returned by the API?

A. pagination
B. payload limit
C. rate limiting
D. service timeouts

Answer: A

Question #3:

Package updates from a local server fail to download. However, the same updates work
when a much slower external repository is used. Way are local updates failing?
A. The update utility is trying to use a proxy to access the internal resource.
B. The Internet connection is too slow.
C. The Internet is down at the moment, which causes the local server to not be able to
D. The server is running out of disk space.

Answer: A

Question #4:

Which two statements describe the traits of an asynchronous API call? (Choose two.)

A. The order in which API calls return can be guaranteed
B. A call to an API does not block the code, but rather it allows application processing to
C. The end user can experience latency or performance lag while waiting for the API call to
D. Code execution blocks or waits for the call to an API to return.
E. A callback function typically is used to process the response from an API call

Answer: B,E

Qestion #5:

Fill in the blanks to complete the statement.
Cisco DNA provide the capability to send an HTTP _______________ request to the API
endpoint https://DNA-c_API_ADDRESS/api/vi/network-device/ and receive the network
__________ list in __________ format.

Answer: GET, device, JSON

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