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200-150 Exam Dumps

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200-150 Dumps

A customer requires two separate physical pathways between multiple initiators and multiple targets. Which technology meets this requirement on a single Cisco MDS9148 switch?

A. zoning
B. port security
C. LUN masking

Answer: D

Which address and subnet combination is valid for a host assignment?


Answer: C

Which two options are multicast addresses? (Choose two.)

A. FD00::2
C. FF05::2

Answer: C, E

Which two features must be licensed on a Cisco Nexus 7000 Switch? (Choose two)

A. Virtual Post Channel
B. Layer 3
C. Virtual Device Contexts
E. Fibre Channel

Answer: B, C

Which two options are valid VTP commands? {Choose two)

A. feature vtp
B. vtp client mode
C. vtp VLAN
D. vtp version
E. vtp static

Answer: A,D

Which two options describe Junctions of the data center aggregation layer? (Choose two)

A. services layer
B. high-speed packet switching O repeater
C. access cootrol
D. QoS marking

Answer: A,C

200-150 Practice Test

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