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200-601 Dumps PDF

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200-601 Dumps

Which best describes the difference between 802.11n and 802.11ac?

A. 802.11ac offers more channels over more bands than 802.11n
B. 802.11ac MCS 1 is about twice as fast as 802.11n MCS1
C. 802.11ac offers more modulation schemes than 802.11n
D. 802.11ac 1SS MCS 9 is allowed over a 20, 40, 80 and 160 MHz channel, while 802.11n 1SS MCS 9 is only allowed over a 20 or 40 MHz channel.

Answer: C

Which three network mechanisms can be used for securely segmenting an industrial network? (Choose three)

E. Firewalls
F. Spanning-tree

Answer: A,D,E

Your controller has a high performance EtherNet/IP interface with port speed of >30,000 packets per second and 80% spare capacity. A new PowerFlex 753 drive will be added to the system with an RPI of 2ms and has been connected to a switch; you have been asked to set up the switch port. You open the EDS file and see that the drive will support 16 CIP connections and has transmit and receive capacity of 1,000 control packets per second. What do you set as the storm control pps threshold limit for the port?

A. 16
B. 1,000
C. 2,500
D. 25,000

Answer: C

Which two actions are examples of network device hardening for Cisco Industrial Ethernet Switches? (Choose two)

A. Disable unused services
B. Shutdown network ports which are not in use
C. Only allow administrative access using Telnet
D. Deploy IP67 versions of Cisco Industrial Ethernet Switches
E. Set the native VLAN on all trunk ports to VLAN 1

Answer: A,B

A cookie cutter machine requires 2 standard controllers and a safety controller. All of these controllers and machine level I/O have been placed on VLAN 104. Both standard controllers must monitor a photocell on this machine. Which IP address is used to transfer this status information?


Answer: C

You are called at home at 3am by an unskilled machine operator with a suspected network related problem; the controller LEDs are all normal but the output module’s communications LED is not on. The operator has verfied the cable is functional and correctly connected from the communication module to the switch. What is the next check that you ask the unskilled machine operator to make?

A. Log onto the switch using the console port and check that IGMP snooping is enabled
B. Open wireshark and check whether the controller is issuing a forward open instruction to the device
C. Open the diagnostic faceplate on the HMI for the control panel switch and check that the relevant ports are enabled and not in alarm
D. Open Studio 5000 and check the module status tab for the affected output module

Answer: C

You have been tasked to design an Ethernet network capable of Motion control with cycle times not to exceed 1ms. In order to create a more deterministic network, what characteristic/s should you primarily focus on?

A. Lattency and Jitter
B. Redundancy and high availability
C. Explicit and Implicit messaging
D. This cycle time is not possible on an Ethernet network
E. Gigabit port speed

Answer: A

What are three Cisco best practices for running I/O control traffic in a wireless environment? (Choose three)

A. 3200 packets per second and 20% bandwidth for HMI and maintenance traffic.
B. 2200 packets per second and 20% bandwidth for HMI and maintenance traffic
C. I/O control traffic can be run on 2.4 or 5 GHZ channels
D. I/O control traffic should be run on 5GHZ channels only
E. Standard I/O RPIs less than 20ms are not practical for wireless media because the maximum latency and jitter become comparable or greater than the RPI
F. Standard I/O RPIs less than 10ms are not practical for wireless media because the maximum latency and jitter become comparable or greater than the RPI

Answer: B,D,F

Which configuration enables an Industrial Ethernet switch to participate in PTP clock selection and sets the priority value that would break the tie between switches with matching default criteria to 50?

A. ptp mode boundary
ptp priority1 10
ptp priority2 50

B. ptp mode boundary
ptp priority1 50
ptp priority2 10

C. ptp mode e2etransparent
ptp priority1 50
ptp priority2 10

D. ptp mode e2etransparent
ptp priority1 10
ptp priority2 50

Answer: A

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