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352-001 Dumps

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CCDE Design Written Exam

Exam Number 352-001 CCDE 

Associated Certifications:

Duration: 120 minutes (90 - 110 questions)
Available Languages: English

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Exam Topics:

26% 1.0 Layer 2 Control Plane
20% 4.0 Design Considerations
17% 3.0 Network Virtualization
37% 2.0 Layer 3 Control Plane

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352-001 Dumps

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Which three techniques can be used to improve fault isolation in an enterprise network design? (Choose three.)

A. aggregate routing information on an OSPF ABR
B. fully meshed distribution layer
C. Equal-Cost Multipath routing
D. EIGRP query boundaries
E. multiple IS-IS flooding domains
F. tuned Spanning Tree Protocol timers

Answer: A,D,E

In which two ways is a network design improved by the inclusion of IP Event Dampening? (Choose two.)

A. reduces processing load
B. provides sub-second convergence
C. improves network stability
D. prevents routing loops
E. quickly detects network failures

Answer: A,C

You are designing a network that will run EIGRP over a Metro Ethernet service that does not employ a link-loss technology. What will be the impact on convergence if there is a break in the end-to-end Layer 2 connectivity within the service provider network?

A. The routers will immediately lose their adjacencies and converge.
B. The routing protocol will not converge until the hold timers have expired.
C. The switch ports connected to the router will go down and the routers will immediately converge.
D. The VLAN on the switches will go inactive, the ports associated on the switch will go down, and the routers will immediately converge.

Answer: B

What is downstream suppression?

A. the ability of a fault management tool to generate alerts for only an upstream device failure and to suppress the alarms related to all unreachable downstream sites
B. the ability of devices to exclusively send summary routes and suppress the sending of complete routing updates
C. the ability of a router to suppress downstream route fluctuations to avoid introducing instability into the network core
D. the ability of a network management station to perform root cause analysis on a network fault and remove duplicates of all other alarms resulting from fault symptoms
E. the ability of an element manager to restrict forwarding to critical performance alarms northbound to the Manager of Managers and suppress other alarms

Answer: A

A certain service provider network includes IPsec tunnels between PE router loop backs and dual-homed PE routers. The service provider is using OSPF to carry infrastructure routes and using BGP to carry tunnel endpoints.What could the service provider do to provide fast convergence in case of a link failure in its network?

A. tune OSPF on all routers
B. tune BGP on all routers
C. configure a full mesh of traffic engineering among PE routers
D. carry IPsec tunnels in GRE among PE routers
E. carry IPsec tunnels in L2TPv3 among PE routers
F. carry IPsec tunnels in VPLS among PE routers

Answer : A

Lafeyette Productions is looking for a new ISP that has improved availability, load balancing, and catastrophe protection. Which type of ISP connectivity solution would be best?

A. single run

B. multi-homed

C. stub domain EBGP

D. direct BGP peering

Answer: B

You have been asked to establish a design that will allow your company to migrate from a WAN service to a Layer 3 VPN service. In your design, you are keeping some WAN links between critical sites as a backup for this service. You plan to use OSPF as your IGP and BGP for the PECE protocol. When the Layer 3 VPN service is available, how will you prevent transit traffic over the backup links?

A. Redistribute routes at the CE as external type 1.

B. Redistribute routes at the CE as external type 2.

C. Use conditional advertisement only when the Layer 3 service is down.

D. Manually turn off the backdoor link when the Layer 3 service is up.

Answer: D

In which two ways is a network design improved by the inclusion of IP Event Dampening? (Choose two.)

A. reduces processing load

B. provides sub-second convergence

C. improves network stability

D. prevents routing loops

E. quickly detects network failures

Answer: A,C

In order to meet your service level agreement, your network designer created a design solution that includes interface dampening. In which two ways will interface dampening benefit your overall network design? (Choose two.)

A. Interface dampening uses an exponential backoff algorithm to suppress event reporting to the upper-level protocols.

B. When the interface is dampened, further link events are not reported to the upper protocol modules.

C. When the interface is dampened, further link events are reported to the upper protocol module.

D. Periodic interface flapping that affects the routing system as a whole should have a period shorter than the system convergence time.

Answer: A,B

What is a design aspect regarding multicast transport for MPLS Layer 3 VPNs using the Rosen Draft implementation?

A. LDP is the multicast control plane protocol.
B. Multicast traffic is forwarded over GRE tunnels.
C. Multicast traffic is forwarded over LDP or RSVP signaled LSPs.
D. Using the MDT SAFI in BGP ensures that PIM can be disabled in the core.

Answer: B

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