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500-285 Free Questions

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500-285 Dumps

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Which statement is true when adding a network to an access control rule?

A. You can select only source networks.
B. You must have preconfigured the network as an object.
C. You can select the source and destination networks or network groups.
D. You cannot include multiple networks or network groups as sources or destinations.

Answer: C

Which option is one of the three methods of updating the IP addresses in Sourcefire Security Intelligence?

A. subscribe to a URL intelligence feed
B. subscribe to a VRT
C. upload a list that you create
D. automatically upload lists from a network share

Answer: C

Which statement is true concerning static NAT?

A. Static NAT supports only TCP traffic.
B. Static NAT is normally deployed for outbound traffic only.
C. Static NAT provides a one-to-one mapping between IP addresses.
D. Static NAT provides a many-to-one mapping between IP addresses.

Answer: C

Which option is true of the Packet Information portion of the Packet View screen?

A. provides a table view of events
B. allows you to download a PCAP formatted file of the session that triggered the event
C. displays packet data in a format based on TCP/IP layers
D. shows you the user that triggered the event

Answer : C

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