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500-301 Exam

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500-301 Free Exam Questions:


Which statement best describes Cisco WebEx Meeting Center?
A. It is a premium cloud-based product in the Cisco portfolio.
B. The audio connection can be deployed only with a dedicated phone using the Dial-in feature across the Public Switched Telephone Network.
C. It is an on-premises Software-as-a-Service solution.
D. It supports high-definition video at 1080p30 resolution using the H.264 codec.

Answer: B 


What is a Spark Room?
A. video endpoints that are associated with a user or location
B. video endpoints that are associated with a location
C. video endpoints that are associated with a user
D. UC VoIP and video phones that are associated with a user

Answer: B 


Which benefits can be shared from the knowledge you gained in your video conferencing experiences to encourage others to use video conferencing?
A. Help others host their own meetings, encourage teams to explore possibilities of video, and have people come together easily from all over the world.
B. People locally can come together easily.
C. Set up and host meetings for others in your organisation.
D. Encourage teams across your organization to explore the possibilities of video for themselves.

Answer: D 


Which path do you take to configure the Automatic Lock feature in your Cisco WebEx Personal Room?
A. My WebEx > My Personal Room > Automatic Lock
B. Preferences > My Personal Room > Automatic Lock
C. My WebEx > Preferences > Automatic Lock
D. My WebEx > Preferences > My Personal Room > Automatic Lock

Answer: D 


Which connector in a Cisco Spark Hybrid deployment can create a Cisco Spark room and WebEx Scheduled Meeting simply by adding @Spark and @WebEx in the "location" field of the meeting window?
A. Calendar connector
B. call connector
C. management connector
D. directory connector

Answer: A

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