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642-883 Dumps PDF

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642-883  Practice Test Sample Questions:


Refer to the exhibit. XR1 must have XR4 as the primary exit point for only the first three subnets received from AS 100 and may not impact the rest of the subnets.Which configuration on XR1 is correct?

A. prefix-set PREFER le 32 route-policy LP if destination in PREFER then set local-preference 200 endif
B. route-policy LP if destination in ( le 32) then set local- preference 200 else pass endif
C. prefix-set PREFER le 32 route-policy LP if destination in PREFER then set local-preference 200 else pass endif
D. route-policy LP if destination in ( le 32) then set local preference 200 else set local-preference 100 endif

Answer: B


A service provider is running BGP with clients at the edge of the network.The service provider sees that routing updates from one site are being dropped when the other site receives them. Which feature fixes this issue?

A. EBGP multihop
B. inter-AS peering
C. AS-override
D. allow-AS in

Answer: C


An engineer is working on routers within AS 100. Which regular expression can be used in an AS path access list to match locally originated routes from AS 100?

A. ^100$
B. ^$
C. _100$
D. ^[0-9]*$

Answer: B


Which two features are specific only to Tier 3 providers? (Choose two.)

A. interconnects with Tier Level 1 and Tier Level 2 ISPs in public peering points
B. only purchases transit from other networks to reach the Internet
C. purchases transit and pays settlements to other service providers
D. uses strict route filtering to allow only customer and local routes to be sent to upstream providers
E. receives a full Internet routing table via BGP from its upstream provider, which it can use for loadbalancing traffic



Which value must be configured when redistributing OSPFv2 into RIP?

A. metric
B. bandwidth
C. delay
E. reliability

Answer: A

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