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646-048 Test

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Question: 1

Which three are major trends that fuel the demand for routing and switching? (Choose three.)
A. mobility
B. video
C. bandwidth optimization
D. cloud
E. IT standardization

Answer: A,B,D

Question: 2

What does not need to be considered when looking into the customer workflow?
A. How does the customer access the online software solutions?
B. How many different switch products are in use at the customer network?
C. How can the service partner instantly connect with outsourced engineers?
D. How can customer and service collaborate and start video communication?

Answer: B

Question: 3

Which three statements accurately describe the evolution of the workplace and the importance of the network? (Choose three.)
A. Mobility causes location borders to shift.
B. Cloud services cause end-user locations to shift.
C. Cloud services cause application borders to shift.
D. IT consumerization causes location borders to shift.
E. IT consumerization causes device borders to shift.

Answer: A,C,E

Question: 4

Which two statements best describe the challenges that customers have to face when providing services in a borderless world? (Choose two.)
A. How do you control energy consumption of devices that are owned by employees?
B. How can you support video in the whole network?
C. How can you integrate cloud services seamlessly in your network?
D. Which type of firewall should you deploy?

Answer: B,C

Question: 5

Which statement does not correctly describe the impact of business video applications to the network?
A. Video applications rapidly increase the traffic within the network.
B. In order to ensure business quality video, video traffic needs to be prioritized.
C. Various devices with different capabilities need to be able to join video conferences.
D. Video conferences reduce the network load by eliminating the need to exchange files over the network in order to share information.

Answer: D

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