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648-232 Dumps

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648-232 Dumps

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What happens to the data if the node at the branch site goes down?

A. The data is typically rerouted over the private network.
B. Data from the WebEx node is sent to SIP.
C. The client tries to reconnect to the same collaboration bridge.
D. ASR will condense the information into one outbound stream.

Answer: A

What is the number one customer complaint surveyed by technical support organizations?

A. cost of service
B. time that it takes to resolve issue
C. lack of resolution
D. time that it takes to reach a service representative

Answer: B

With regard to conference node redundancy, if a region requires 2400 G.711 ports, then how many
nodes should it include?

A. Twonodes, each with a capacity of 1200 G.711 ports
B. Threenodes, each with a capacity of 1200 G.711 ports
C. Onenode with a capacity of 2400 G.711 ports
D. Onenode with a capacity of 1200 G.711 ports

Answer : B

Your primary site becomes unavailable. Which one of these features enables you to automatically and transparently move all collaboration activity to the backup site, ensuring a seamless user experience?

A. medianet
C. WebEx One-Click

Answer : B

Which two platforms are the first to be combined to make up the WebEx Meetings shared SaaS platform?

A. Cisco TelePresence Callway and WebEx Connect
B. Connect and WebEx
C. Quad and Cisco TelePresence Callway
D. WebEx Quad

Answer : B

You are late for a meeting and you missed the first half of the conversation.Which feature allows you to never miss the contents of a meeting?

A. Cisco ActivePresence
B. Network-Based Recording
C. hands-on labs
D. breakout sessions

Answer : B

Which two of the following Cisco Physical Security MSP servers support an optional secondary power supply? (Choose two.)

E. CIAC-PAME-1125-K9

Answer : B,C

One of the challenges of online training is measuring class effectiveness.Which two tools does Cisco WebEx Training Center use to measure this? (Choose two.)

A. visual attention indicator
B. polling
C. self-check quizzes
D. application sharing

Answer : A,B

Which new WebEx feature allows for the main video to switch automatically to the present speaker,using voice activation?

A. Cisco TelePresence
B. Cisco ActivePresence
C. multipoint video
D. WebEx One-Click

Answer : B

Which three host capabilities are available on WebEx for iPad? (Choose three.)

A. schedule, start, or cancel a meeting
B. invite attendees
C. pass presenter control
D. stream media from a PC
E. chat privately with attendees
F. run WebEx in the background

Answer : A,B,C

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