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648-238 Dumps

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Implementing Cisco Connected Physical Security 1 Exam

Exam Number 648-238 

Associated Certifications:
CCNA Routing and Switching
CCNA Security
CCNA Service Provider Operations
CCNA Voice
CCNA Wireless

Duration 90 minutes (75-80 questions)
Available Languages English, Japanese

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Exam Topics:

VSM components
Describing video codecs, resolutions, protocols
Video traffic flow and design for efficient bandwidth utilization
Describing the Hardware - servers, storage, end-points
Platform configuration
End-point configuration
Application configuration
Managing roles, events, and reports
Best practices, maintenance, and troubleshooting

648-238 Dumps

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Order the following resolutions, by pixel count, from lowest to highest.

B. D1, CIF, 4CIF, HD

Answer : C

What is a possible cause for the motion detection feature not sending an email alert?

A. The SMTP server that the IP camera uses to send the email may be filtering emails to prevent spam from being sent through the server.
B. The SMTP server that the IP camera uses to send the email may not be filtering emails to prevent spam from being sent through the server.
C. Sudden changes in light level or movement have accidentally triggered the motion detector, and the configuration needs to be modified.
D. The issue cannot be related to SMTP filtering, light levels, or movement.

Answer : A

In VSM 6.3.2, should the default password be changed to a new password?

A. No, never change the default passwords
B. Change the password for VSOM, but not the password for the operating system
C. Yes, change the passwords for VSOM and the operating system
D. The default passwords cannot be changed

Answer : C

What is the approximate total usable drive capacity for a CPS-MSP-1RU-K9 populated with 4 x 1 TB HDDs?

A. 1 TB
B. 2 TB
C. 3 TB
D. 4 TB

Answer : C

Which of the following must be considered when calculating storage and retention on a Cisco Physical Security MSP server?

A. Number of cameras, frame rates, camera distances, and record on motion requirements
B. Number of cameras, frame rates, and server locations
C. Number of cameras, frame rates, compression types, and record on motion requirements
D. Number of cameras, camera distances, server locations, and compression types

Answer : C

What is the maximum number of internal encoder ports supported by the CPS-MSP-2RU-K9?

A. 16
B. 24
C. 32
D. 48

Answer : D

The Cisco Physical Security CPS-MSP-1RU-K9 platform can support which configuration of option cards?

A. 1 x CIVS-FC-1P
B. 2 x CIVS-ENC-8P
C. 2 x CIVS-ENC-16P
D. 1 x CIVS-FC-1P and 1 x CIVS-ENC-8P

Answer : A

In addition to bandwidth, which factors should be considered when designing an IP network capable of delivering high-quality surveillance video in real time?

A. Minimize jitter and maximize latency
B. Minimize latency and maximize jitter
C. Minimize both jitter and latency
D. Maximize both jitter and latency

Answer : C

On a converged network infrastructure, which Layer 2 technology can be easily enabled and configured to ensure separation of video surveillance traffic on the network from other sources (such as voice, email,and web browsing)?

A. IP routing
B. Firewall
C. QoS

Answer : D

Which switch port capability is recommended for an MSP server?

A. Server switch ports should have 10/100 Mb capability
B. Server switch ports should have 1000 Mb capability
C. Server switch ports should have 10 Gb capability
D. Servers should be connected to PoE-capable switches

Answer : B

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