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650-472 Braindumps

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Introduction to 802.1X Operations for Cisco Security Professionals Exam

Exam Number 650-472 

Associated Certifications:
CCNA Routing and Switching
CCNA Security
CCNA Service Provider Operations
CCNA Voice
CCNA Wireless

Duration 60 minutes (60-65 Questions)
Available Languages English, Japanese

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Exam Topics:

Identity based networking concepts
IEEE 802.1X concepts, architecture, and requirements for deployment
Component requirements for 802.1X operations
IEEE 802.1X operations in wired and wireless environment
Designing Identity Based Networks with 802.1X and ISE

Recommended Training

The following course is recommended training for this exam:
Introduction to 802.1X Operations for Cisco Security Professionals

650-472 Dumps

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During initial ISE setup, foe which three of the following required and optional elements does the setup script prompt the administrator to enter a value? (Choose Three)

A. Device Gateway
B. Static Host Routes
C. IP Address
D. Active Directory Domain Name
E. Path to RSA SecuriD Seed File
F. NTP Server IP Address
G. Path to RAMUS Seed File

Answer : A,C,D

Which three modules are valid components of Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client for Windows? (Choose three)

A. Network Access Manager
B. VPN Module
C. Network Authentication Manager
D. Telemetry and Profiling Module
E. Profiling Module
F. Posture Module
G. Profiling Module

Answer : AEF

On a Cisco Catalyst switch, which default ports will the radius-server host command use for RADIUS authentication and accounting messages?

A. TCP – Authentication 1645/Accounting 1646
B. TCP – Authentication 1535/Accounting 1536
C. TCP – Authentication 1812/Accounting 1813
D. UDP – Authentication 1535/Accounting 1536
E. UDP – Authentication 1812/Accounting 1813
F. UDP – Authentication 1645/Accounting 1646

Answer : E

Which two EAP methods are examples of challenge-response methods? (Choose two.)


Answer : D,E

Which statement correctly defines a persona?

A. A Cisco ISE node can be configured as a primary or backup persona.
B. Persona refers to collections of services running on a Cisco ISE node.
C. A Cisco ISE node can be configured as a wired or wireless persona.
D. Persona relates to the collection of 802.1X services configured on a Cisco Catalyst switch.
E. Persona refers to the collection of EAP methods available to a supplicant.
F. A Cisco ISE node can be configured as a standalone or distributed persona.

Answer : B

Which two statements about MACsec security are true? (Choose two.)

A. MACsec is an IEEE standard that is defined by 802.3AE.
B. MACsec leverages an 802.1X EAP framework to negotiate the MACsec Key Agreement.
C. MACsec is an IETF standard that is defined by RFC 4501.
D. MACsec can negotiate a MACsec Key Agreement without 802.1X.
E. MACsec is an IETF standard that is defined by RFC 4505.
F. MACsec is an IEEE standard that is defined by 802.1AE.

Answer : B,F

Which two choices are valid methods of authorizing a wired supplicant? (Choose two.)

B. VLAN assignment

Answer : B,C

Which two statements represent good use cases for Wake on LAN? (Choose two.)

A. WoL can be used to power-up hosts for on-demand PXE booting.
B. WoL can be used to power-up hosts for after-hours operating system updates and application patching.
C. WoL can be used to power-up hosts to access the IPMI.
D. WoL can be used to save electricity by powering down underused servers and desktops.

Answer : A,B

Which protocol used to communicate between the authenticator and authentication server?


Answer: A

Which three types of NAD support RADIUS Change of Authorization requests? (Choose three)

A. switches manufactured by other companies
B. Cisco Wireless LAN Control
C. remote-access VPN devices
D. unmanaged switches and hubs
E. Cisco Catalyst 3750 running IOS 12 2(52) SEl

Answer: A,B,E

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