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650-754 Exam Free Questions

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650-754 Dumps

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Which two protocols that can establish secure tunnels are supported over PPPoE dialer interface? (Choose two)

A. IPsec

Answer : A,C

Which management platform is used for managing the experience lifecycle in Cisco product offering?

A. Cisco Prime NCS
B. Cisco Works LMS version 4.0
C. Cisco Secure Manager
D. Cisco SDM

Answer : B

What are the two primary access technologies that are used for residential customers? (Choose Two.)

A. Metro Ethernet
B. 3G and 4G mobile access
C. Cable
E. WiMax

Answer : CD

Which three services are included in the Cisco Evolving Service Provider Support Services model for IP NGN? (Choose three.)

A. Cisco Assurance Services
B. Cisco Network Optimization Services
C. Cisco Web Resource Services
D. Cisco Focused Technical Support Services
E. Cisco Network Visibility Services

Answer : A,B,D

Which two platforms support IOS XE? (Choose two.)

A. All ASR platforms
B. ASR 1000 Series
C. ASR 9000 Series
D. ASR 900 Series
E. Nexus Series

Answer : B,D

Which software platform is the foundation of IOS XR?

B. Linux
C. FreeBSD
D. Mac
E. Windows

Answer : A

Which three statements about IPv6 Rapid Deployment 6rd are true? (Choose three.)

A. ISP must introduce the changes into the core network.
B. IPv6 Rapid Deployment 6rd is a modified 6-to-4 protocol.
C. IPv6 Rapid Deployment 6rd uses a user-defined prefix.
D. IPv6 Rapid Deployment 6rd encapsulates IPv6 in ISP network in IPv4 between ISP 6rd gateway and CP
E. 6rd addresses can include 32 bits taken from the customer IPv4 address.

Answer : B,D,E

In a Cisco IP NGN business transformation, what is the main focus when you are considering a subscription for the customer?

A. a free promotional subscription
B. tiered subscriptions to value-added services
C. unlimited traffic
D. time-of-day diversity subscriptions

Answer : B

What are the two main advantages of IP NGN networks for service providers? (Choose two.)

A. simplified management of one converged network, as opposed to multiple management systems for multiple networks
B. diversification of network infrastructure, where every service is provided over independent and separately managed networks
C. reduced expenditures
D. reduced flexibility

Answer : A,C

Which three statements are true about DHCPv6? (Choose three.)

A. DHCPv6 is used to automate the process of assigning the prefixes to the customer network.
B. DHCPv6 is used to automate the process of assigning the prefixes to the ISP core network.
C. Prefix delegation happens between a P and CP
D. Prefix delegation happens between a PE and CP
E. The customer can customize the subnet and assign the prefixes to the link.

Answer : A,D,E

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