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700-038 Dumps PDF

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Advanced Collaboration Architecture field Engineer

Cisco is one of the renowned names in the IT industry, and owning a certification from Cisco is obviously a plus point for a candidate, which further leading to greater career prospects in the industry.
Advanced Collaboration Architecture Field Engineer Exam 700-038 certification is one of the most leading and foremost programs offered by Cisco. To acquire this accreditation, the candidates of 700-038 exam are required to input their utmost efforts so that they can get through the program in their very first attempt.
Exam Number 700-038 

700-038 Exam – Worth Knowing Information

Close on superior deals by adopting the solution-based sales approach
Increasing the profitability and participating in the incentive programs
Migrate customers' installed foundation via trade-in promotions and programs
Getting corroboration for testing configurations and designs.
Why You Need To Have 700-038 Exam By Cisco? Premier Certification Program, which is optional
Silver Certification Program, which is also optional
Gold certification program, which is mandatory.

Recommended Training

The following course is recommended training for this exam:
Introduction to 802.1X Operations for Cisco Security Professionals

700-038 Dumps

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The three-phased approach of preparation, discovery, and proposal is used to deliver true business and technology alignment. Which option belongs to the discovery phase?

A. services offering and incentives
B. network architecture vision workshop
C. 360 health check
D. architecture roadmap creation and presentation

Answer: C

In terms of collaboration, which elements of the typical workday does a properly implemented
collaboration architecture affect?

A. processes, culture, and technology
B. making sure that technology fulfills the requirements and expectations
C. processes mapping to the technology and culture
D. behavioral change influencing the right solution
E. customer trust, technology and validated designs

Answer : A

Cisco supply chain agility solutions are addressing a crucial part within the manufacturing industry.Which of the following is the main driver of that branch of industry?

A. achieve lower unit costs
B. ensure quality standards to customers
C. increase utilization of manufacturing plants
D. achieve stronger competitive position in the marketplace
E. adopt the supply chain to changing markets

Answer : E

Which two options are business requirements in the retail vertical market? (Choose two )

A.supply chain agility
B.customer experience transformation
C.customer intimacy
D.increase employee productivity
E.collaborative customer experience

Answer : A,D

Which process makes use of the Cisco Installed Base Lifecycle Management (IBLM) initiative and transformative network approach?

A. a high-level approach in analyzing the existing customer infrastructure
B. a high-level approach in understanding the customer business model
C. a detailed approach in understanding the customer business model
D. a detailed approach in analyzing the existing customer infrastructure

Answer : D

Which three options are assessment types for gap analysis? (Choose three)

A. outsourcing assessments
B. architectural assessments
C. operational assessments
D. business assessments
E. technology assessments
F. virtualization assessments

Answer : B,C,E

Vertical-oriented support tools are important when positioning Cisco Collaboration Architecture into a specific industry. Where can you find resources that help you address verticals?

A. Cisco Learning Store
B. Cisco Partner Central, under Sell & Market Cisco
C. Cisco’s Steps to Success
D. Cisco Partner Education Connection, under Collaboration Architectures

Answer : B

Which two tools and resources can most efficiently help you to shorten the time to prepare the BOM? (Choose two)

A. Cisco Collaboration Architecture Validated Designs
B. Cisco Collaboration Competitive Edge Portal
C. Cisco Collaboration Architecture resources on PEC
D. Cisco Unified Workspace Licensing tool
E. Cisco Smart Business Architecture

Answer: A,E

Which two options are business requirements in the public sector vertical market? (Choose two.)

A. creating rich opportunities for effective collaboration and learning
B. transforming customer experience
C. increasing employee productivity
D. supporting mobile environment
E. increasing revenue

Answer : AD

Which two statements indicate that the customer needs an infrastructure that can efficiently accommodate organizational changes? (Choose two.)

A. Collaboration equipment must be deployed at several locations and data centers.
B. Collaboration applications must be flexible to quickly adapt to changes in user demand.
C. The lifetime of any technology in our company is approximately two to three years
D. We need technology to dictate and lead business processes.
E. Future success of our company depends on operational agility.

Answer: B,E

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