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700-302 Sample Question

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700-302 Dumps

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What would you use to track guest provisioning and guest network use statistics, including login and logout times?

A.Cisco ClientLink
B.Cisco Wireless Control System
C.Cisco SAFE Blueprint
D.Cisco ScanSafe

Answer : B

What are the primary components of the Cisco Smart Business Architecture?

A.WAN optimization, video streaming, and user services
B.network foundation, network services, and user services
C.WAN optimization, network services, and user services
D.WAN optimization, network services, and Internet edge security infrastructure

Answer : B

Which of the following uses Cisco Security Intelligence Operations threat intelligence to protect those users with a vulnerable browser by blocking any connections to websites that may spread an attack or malware?

A.Cisco IronPort Web Security
B.intrusion prevention system

Answer : A

Which solution will defend the network by gathering global threat information from a vast sensor network and updating the product portfolio to deliver current protection?

A. Cisco Nexus 1000V switch
B. Cisco Easy VPN
C. Cisco Integrated Services Router
D. Cisco Security Intelligence Operations

Answer : D

Which statement describes the cloud security feature of the Cisco Cloud Intelligent Network?

A. The Cloud Intelligent Network can be used to expand or scale up “on demand” in case of a surge in network demand.
B. The Cloud Intelligent Network ensures that only authentic users and devices get access to information based on their roles and responsibility in an organization
C. In Cloud Intelligent Network, you can manage a network in an easy manner through centralized
D. The Cloud Intelligent Network guarantees a better user experience by cutting down latency, providing better application performance and optimization.

Answer : B

Which two features are appropriate in describing a Cisco Cloud Intelligent Network? (Choose two.)

A. Is not an effective solution to cater to the growing demandsof the movement to cloudbasedservices
B. Provides solely private cloud solutions to customers
C. Connects data centers to better share and balance resources
D. Provides single-tiered service level agreements
E. Integrates the network with the Unified Data Center

Answer: C,E

Which two statements about Performance Monitor are true? (Choose two.)

A. It fails to maintain the historical data about analyzed flows traversing routers.
B. It analyzes RTP-based audio and video flows and reports on service-affecting metrics.
C. It does not facilitate cross-vendor application support.
D. It is one of the features of Media Monitoring solution.
E. It can be applied only to Cisco WebEx client applications.

Answer: B,D

The architecture of an end-to-end network virtualization solution can be separated into three logical functional areas.What are the three logical functional areas?

A. Partition isolation,access policies,and services edge
B. Partition isolation,access policies,and Internet edge
C. Path verification,authentication control,and services edge
D. Path isolation,access control,and services edge

Answer: D

Which two choices describe the business benefits of Borderless Networks for end users?(Choose two.)

A. Budget constraints
B. Compliance and policy
C. Privacy and security
D. Bandwidth costs
E. Better video quality

Answer: C,E

Which feature that is available in Cisco IOS Software is recommended to be positioned at the network access layer?

A. Mediatrace
C. Media Services Proxy
D. Flow Metadata

Answer: C

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