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Free 646-365 Questions

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646-365 Dumps

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Which statement correctly describes the importance and role of business processes?

A. Business processes are built on company operations.
B. Operations and, consequently, business processes define the company strategy.
C. Changes in company strategy cause changes in business processes and, consequently, in operations.
D. Tasks in business processes require interaction of various users using the same type of device.

Answer: C

Which statement is true regarding IPv6?

A. IPv6 support on network devices eliminates the need for additional security devices and applications in the network.
B. IPv6 is applicable in service provider networks but is an overhead item in smaller networks.
C. All devices currently support IPv6 and IPv4.
D. The Cisco Transformative Networking initiative provides an analysis of the network regarding the capabilities of devices to support IPv6.

Answer : D

What are the two benefits of the “one policy” approach in the Cisco Unified Access solution? (Choose two)

A. Context-based control

B. Resiliency and scalability

C. Comprehensive visibility

D. User-specific services

E. Uncompromised experience

Answer: A,D

Which two statements accurately describe the impact of BYOD to the network? (Choose two)

A. BYOD adds the requirement to support multiple operating systems.

B. TCO is reduced because employees use their privately owned devices.

C. BYOD increases productivity, but IT must find ways to integrate the utilized devices seamlessly with wired as well as wireless network

D. Corporate users expect the same look and feel when using their own devices.

Answer: A,C

Which two are switch security features that enable a secure borderless network? (Choose two)

A. Device profiling and profile-based selection of security policies
B. Cisco ASA Firewall
C. Security Group Tagging

Answer: C,D

Which three are challenges that are related to video deployments that are addressed by

Borderless network services in Cisco routers and by Cisco MediaNet? (Choose three.)

A. Lack of support for far-end camera control (FECC) at some video terminals

B. Difficulty configuring new video devices at all sites

C. Difficulty monitoring video performance and user experience

D. Limited availability of high-speed video connections between sites

E. Bandwidth issues that are caused by centralized video mixing

Answer: B,C,D

Which two other architectures is the Cisco Borderless Network Architecture linked to? (Choose two)

A. Cisco MediaNet Architecture

B. Cisco Security Architecture

C. Cisco TrustSec Architecture

D. Cisco Collaboration Architecture

Answer: A,C

What are three foundational principles of Cisco SecureX Architecture? (Choose three)

A. Virtual office management
B. Virtual security
C. Context-aware security enforcement
D. Content access control
E. Context-aware policy
F. Network management
G. Network and Global intelligence

Answer: C,E,G

What is the role of Cisco AnyConnect in a borderless network?

A. Cisco AnyConnect is a host intrusion prevention application with an integrated personal firewall.
B. Cisco AnyConnect filters malicious content from HTTP traffic.
C. Access control to switch ports is provided by Cisco AnyConnect.
D. Cisco AnyConnect enables secure connectivity of authorized devices.

Answer: D

Which one of these actions is the best way to resolve security challenges in borderless networks?

A. Identify the vulnerabilities of newly deployed services and protect them by the appropriate point device
B. Identify vulnerabilities of newly deployed entry points and deploy the appropriate security solution at the corresponding network access point.
C. Migrate to a more architectural approach to security.
D. Update existing security products to the latest hardware and software versions.

Answer: C

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